Canada Student Visa Requirements 2022: Study Permit, IELTS Bands & Fees

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Do you want to study in Canada?

If yes, you will get every information regarding Canada student visa and Canada study visa requirements. There is no wonder that nowadays students from around the globe are preferring to study outside of their home country. The reason behind choosing foreign study is the value and quality of the study provided by the developed nations and Canada is one of them.

Canada is the most favored country by the students worldwide as the country provides the quality teaching. According to the Times Education’s World University rankings 2022. 32 Canadian Universities are considered as the best among other universities in the world.

Moreover, the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PWPP) offers work permit as an opportunity to stay and work in Canada after the completion of study. Furthermore, the international students can get the permanent residency comparatively faster in Canada than other developed nations.


What is a Study Permit?

A study permit is the document issued by the government of Canada by which an international student can legally stay and study at Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) in Canada. 

The fees of study permit is around 8750 INR. The letter of acceptance from the DLI is a must requirement. Also, one can extend their study permit only after conditional acceptance from the DLI. Furthermore, there is an option of extending study permit if one was not able to complete the course before valid permit date.

Keep in mind that study permit not a Canada student visa as study permit alone doesn’t allows you to enter Canada.

Apart from this, a letter of introduction is sent to the international students which has electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) and it is linked to the passport. eTA is valid for 5 years until the passport expires.


Eligibility requirements for Canada student visa

The Canada study visa requirements must be fulfilled beforehand to avoid any delay in Canada student visa process. The visitor visa is provided by the Canada government only if your study permit is approved
Let us have a look at the requirements for Canada student visa:-


  1. Letter of acceptance: – The letter of acceptance is basically a provisional approval by the institution in which you have applied. With the study permit application, one has to attach this letter in order to complete the Canada student visa process and fulfil the Canada student visa requirements.

  1. Passport:-Passport is the most important requirement for the Canada student visa. The passport provided by you must be linked with your identifications like Aadhar Card or Voter ID card. Along with it, one must provide latest passport sized photographs with their name and date while applying.

  1. Academic Qualifications: –All the detail marks certificates and degrees are required in the process of Canada student visa.

  1. Financial Capabilities:-The documents proving the financial Capabilities are required for the process of Canada student visa. As it will justify that a student is able to manage tuition fee and the living expenses. However, the source of funds must be mentioned with the proof of financial capability. The documents may include income tax return of applicant and family members, saving account statement and also property valuation is accepted as a valid proof.

  1. IELTS Test report Form: –IELTS Test report form reflects your proficiency in English, so it becomes important to provide IELTS TRF to complete the Canada student visa process.

  1. COVID -19 traveller exemption:-Recently, the Canadian government updated guidelines in the view of COVID-19 protocol. So, the student has to provide a traveller exemption certificate stating that student is fully vaccinated.

  1. Statement of purpose (SOP):-The SOP is the means to convey the reason of a student to study in Canada which makes it by far the most important Canada student visa requirement.

  1. Other documents:-There are some documents required by the Government of Canada like medical certificates, IMM1294E, IMM5645E etc. which must be provided beforehand to complete the Canada student visa process.

IELTS requirement for Canada student visa

IELTS is an exam which test all the aspects of one’s understanding of the English language which includes Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. As Canada is an English speaking country and most of the courses are in English. So, it becomes important to provide a good IELTS result. Let us have a look at the minimum bands that one must secure to get enrollment in the educational institutions of Canada.


For College:-One must score at least overall 6 Bands to become eligible for the admission in Canada.

For University:-One must score minimum overall 6.5 Bands to become eligible for the admission.


Benefits of getting Canada Student Visa

Canada provides the highest quality of education in addition to the advance research facilities. Let us have a look at the most crucial reasons to get study permit in Canada.

  1. Continue Education: –First and foremost thing that if a student wants to continue their further studies in Canada, they can easily continue to study with the course of their choice by getting a study permit of Canada. Moreover, one can pursue diploma, graduation or post-graduation according to their needs.

  1. Affordable Education: –Good news is that the education in Canada is less expensive as compared to other Anglophone nations like UK, USA and Australia. The best part here is that the Council of Ministers of Canada provides an online tool which lets students to calculate the cost of studying in colleges and universities of Canada. In addition to this, the tool also provides the further guidance regarding the documents required to apply in colleges and universities in Canada

  1. Highest quality of life: –Canada not only provides the affordable quality education but also provides the highest quality of living compared to other countries in the world. As per the analysis project published by US News and World Report, Canada is regarded as the country providing the highest quality of life. Canada secured first position in the Best Countries Report 2021 beating countries like Japan, Germany and Switzerland which were in the top 5.

  1. Part time work:-The students in Canada are allowed to work while studying to manage his/her expenses. However, there is a limit of work that can a student can do in a week, i.e. 20 hours/week.

Moreover, the student gets paid on the hourly basis and the wage varies from one province to another but the average wage of the student working part-time is $15/hour.

Here’s the list of some provinces and the minimum wage offered there:-


Minimum wage





   British Columbia












  1. Job opportunities after study visa: –

After graduating in Canada, students have career options not only in Canada but also in their home country. Possessing a Canadian degree makes the student valuable for the companies in their native country as companies mostly prefer the people having international exposure in the chosen field. Moreover, the students also get the work permit by which he/she can work and gain work experience in Canada till their work permit expires. However, a graduate can apply for permanent residency after meeting the requirements of permanent residency in Canada.


Processing time for Canada student visa

The Canada student visa processing time is usually influenced by a lot of factors. One cannot predict how much time it will take for the processing of an application but generally it takes 4-5 weeks to process the application of Canada student visa by Canadian embassy. Let us have a look at the factors influencing the Canada student visa processing time: –

  1. Completion of an application with correct details.

  2. How soon is the application lodged in embassy for Sep/Jan/May intakes? It is advisable to lodge the file 2 months prior to start date of course

  3. Necessary supporting documents are provided or not.

  4. Applicant’s responsiveness towards the queries sent by the authority; if any.

  5. Any travel restriction during the application

  6. Type of application.


If the applicant wants to check their estimated processing time of study permit, then they can visit the website of Government of Canada as Canadian immigration department allows you to check the processing time of study permit.


Post Graduate work permit

The international students studying in a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) will be having a chance to get the post graduate work permit. The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program allows students graduated from a DLI to get work permit by which they can get a valuable and professional work experience. 

Furthermore, there is an eligibility requirement for the post-graduation work permit. This program applies to courses having at least 8 months of duration.

Here’s the brief of the work permit according to the duration of the course:-


             Duration of course

                Duration of work permit

                     1 year

                     1 years

     1+1 year(including renewal)

                     2 years

                     2 years

                     3 years


The maximum duration of the work permit is 4 years even if the student has enrolled in a 4 years course.


Intake in colleges and universities of Canada.

The Canadian intake system is very flexible as the system lets the students to take the course of their own choice and there are multiple intakes in a year. The colleges in Canada offer three intakes in a year which includes September, January and May intakes. Some of the most popular colleges which offer these intakes are Conestoga College, Centennial College, George brown College, Georgian College and Lambton College.

Now, the universities in Canada offer more intakes than the colleges in Canada. The universities offer 4 intakes i.e. September, January, May and July in a year and hence providing students more options to choose from. Some of the top Canadian universities offering these intakes are University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Waterloo and Mc Master University.


Spouse and dependents in student visa

There’s an opportunity for the spouses to get an open work permit when your common law partner is pursuing their higher studies. Spouse will be eligible to get open work permit only if his or her common law partner is:-

  • Having a study permit or work permit.

  • Eligible for Post-Graduation Work Permit.

  • Full time students at one of the schools which includes 

  1. A public college or university 

  2. College or university with DLI Number.

  3. A private college level school in Quebec

  4. A private school that can award degrees i.e. Bachelors and Masters Degrees.

Many factors may influence the processing of the open work permit, so it may take several months for the processing of work permit.

Your spouse work permit will be valid till validity of your partner`s study permit.


Upcoming intakes in Canada

The upcoming intakes in Canada for colleges and universities are:-

Colleges– May 2022, September 2022, and January 2023

Universities– May 2022, July 2022, September 2022, and January 2023


List of colleges & universities in Canada


The top 10 colleges in Canada having high approval rate by students around the world are:-

  1. Seneca College

  2. George Brown College

  3. Centennial College

  4. Humber College

  5. Conestoga College

  6. Lambton College

  7. Langara College

  8. Fanshawe College

  9. Vancouver Community College

  10. Douglas College


The top 10 universities providing top notch education and research facility in Canada are:-

  1. University of Toronto

  2. University of Alberta

  3. University of British Columbia

  4. University of Calgary

  5. University of Waterloo

  6. McGill University

  7. Université de Montréal

  8. McMaster University

  9. Western University

  10. Queen’s University


Cost of studying in Canada:-

The students can enrol in diploma, bachelor and master’s degree if the student meets the requirements of various colleges and universities in Canada. The course of studying Canada will vary with programs or courses in which the student has enrolled. First the student has to invest 10,200 CAD in Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) for the first year before going to Canada to meet the Canada study visa requirements. According to Statistics Canada, the average tuition fees for the international undergraduate students rose by 4.9%. Let us have look at the average fees to be paid in the colleges and universities of Canada.



The average cost of studying in Canadian colleges ranges from 15,000 CAD to 18,000 CAD.



The average cost of studying in universities ranges from 19,000 CAD to 35,000 CAD.

Apart from the cost of studying, the students also have to manage the living expenses which includes transportation, housing, food and health insurances.


Minimum Bank balance required

There is not any fixed requirement of the bank balance for Canada student visa as long as the student has paid the fees of institution in which the student has enrolled and the GIC amount to meet the Canada study visa requirements. However it is advisable to provide the Income Tax Return of the parents and the bank balance certificate of the statement if the balance or the income tax return shows a respectable amount and amount should reflect 10Lakh as earning yearly or savings of 5 Lakhs


Canada student visa Embassy fee

The fee of the Canada student visa at embassy is around $235 which is approximately 14100 in Indian rupees and it is same for Colleges and university courses.


Study permit renewal

If the student wants to study more in Canada, he/she has to renew the study permit to continue further. The student must apply for the renewal of study permit 30 days before the expiration of current study permit but it is recommended to apply for renewal even earlier.


What if your study permit expires during the processing of the application?

Well, there is no need to worry, as you can stay and study in Canada as temporary resident until you receive the decision on your application.

But also remember that if you fail to apply for renewal of your study permit before it expires, then you will lose your status and thus, you will not be able to continue your studies until you apply for the new study permit.


English language requirements

To fulfil the English language requirements, the student has to take the IELTS test which will show the proficiency of your English language skills. The IELTS score required for the college and university is as follows: –


For College:-

After 12th, the score must be 6 each and overall 6 Bands.

After graduation, the score must be 6 each and overall 6 Bands to become eligible for the admission in college


For University:-

After 12th or graduation, one must score overall 6.5 Bands to become eligible for the admission in university.


How Abroad Gateway can help you with the Canada student visa?

The Abroad Gateway is the best study consultant providing the constructive consultation regarding the Canada student visa. The Abroad Gateway will help you in every matter of the Canada student visa. The Abroad Gateway is known for its:-


  1. Team of expert and experienced study visa consultants

  2. Relentless service from 10 years

  3. Authorization to operate as student visa consultants

  4. Direct tie ups with the college and universities of Canada

  5. Sharing and Verification of the documents with the client at every stage of process

  6. Statement of Purpose (SOP) written by the English language experts


The dream of getting a Canada student visa is not so far until you fulfil all the Canada study visa requirements. The Canada is a keen point for the many students around the world because of the quality of education facilities as well as research facilities. Studying in Canada will provide you lot of career opportunities not only in Canada, but also in your native country. Moreover, the Canadian degrees are world recognised, providing you the credible skills required for a specific field.

The fastest way to process the Canada student visa is to apply through Student Direct Stream and follow the procedure to meet the Canada student visa requirements. Hence, if one is planning to study in Canada, one should apply for study permit as early as possible.

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