Is it possible to study in UK without IELTS?

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Ever wondered that you can study in the UK without IELTS?
Well, yes, it is possible to study in UK without IELTS. There are not one or two, but many universities waive the IELTS exam. For many students this may be a dream come true as one hurdle will be reduced in their path leading to study in UK.

Hold on, here’s a catch, there are some requirements that you have to fulfill before applying for any of the universities to study in UK without IELTS. The top universities in which you can study in UK without IELTS are The University of Greenwich, University of Northampton, Portsmouth University and University of Lancashire.
Before learning about how to study in UK without IELTS, let us first have a look on what actually IELTS is.

Reasons to study in UK

Well, first you have to be clear about the fact that why you want to study in UK. Here are some of the convincing reasons to study in UK.

  1. UK will provide you globally recognised degrees which will assist you to build your bright and successful career.
  2. The highest standard of education is the most assuring reason to study in UK.
  3. One can not only study in UK, but also work part-time to experience the real work and have a check on their expenses
  4. Also you can tailor your course according to your choice if you study in UK.
  5. UK provides world-class research by the means of their universities 
  6. And most of all, a multicultural environment, where you will get to learn a lot of new things and an opportunity to make friends for life.

Admission requirements to study in UK without IELTS

IELTS is not the only criteria by which your English proficiency is tested. There are alternatives to the IELTS test provided by the universities which are accepted in UK so that an applicant can study in UK without IELTS. Let us have a look at the alternative criteria for IELTS exam provided by the universities in UK.

  1. Marks of English in High school:

Now, this can be beneficial for the students who:

  • Have scored minimum of 60 % in English subject in high school as some universities accepts the high school marks of English so that a student can study in UK without IELTS.
  • Have English as the medium of instruction in school which can be proved by Medium of Instruction (MOI) certificate issued by school, college or universities. In addition, some universities accept academic certificates and degrees stating that English as the medium of instruction on the document.

But some universities prescribe their own requirements for specific courses. Abroad Gateway experts will guide you better in this matter.


  1. Specialization in English

If you have English as the major specialization in your undergraduate degree, then there is no need to appear for the IELTS exam and hence, in other words, one can study in UK without IELTS.

  1. Online interview:

An online interview can be held as a criteria to test the English proficiency of an applicant if one wants to study in UK without IELTS. Moreover, the interaction will automatically reveal the level of one’s English skills and their proficiency.

  1. Pre- sessional English course:

Pursuing the pre- sessional English course offered by the universities can waive the IELTS exam. This course is specifically designed to improve overall English language skills and thus helps one to prepare them to be eligible to apply for the chosen in the university to study in UK without IELTS.

  1. Funds

One must have a good balance in their bank account as it will give an impression that a person is able to maintain their living and manage the payments to study in UK. Consequently, the proof of funds carries a lot of importance in your journey to study in UK.

List of Top Universities in UK (without IELTS)

The wide range of universities in UK consist of some universities by the means of which you can study in UK without IELTS. Some of the top universities in which you can study in UK without IELTS are:-

University of Plymouth

University of Geneva

University of Warwick

Birmingham City University 

Aston University

London South Bank University

University of Greenwich

University of Bolton

Northumbria University

Portsmouth University

University of Bristol

Riga Technical University

Swansea University

University of Bedfordshire

 Documents required to study in UK with & without IELTS

The documents are the most essential part of the student visa application to study in UK. 

Is it Possible to Study in UK Without IELTS?

To your surprise, yes you can get study visa in UK without IELTS only if you are able to provide the document saying that university has admitted that you are eligible to study in UK without IELTS to the immigration authorities. Here are some of the important requirements to get Study Visa in  UK  without IELTS:

  1. Passport:

One has to provide the latest passport or an alternative valid travel documentation.

Also, passport-sized photos are required too.

  1. Education Qualification

You have provide the details and documents of all the educational qualification which includes qualification from 10th class the current or latest qualification whether it is undergraduate degree or a post graduate degree.

  1. Work experience

If you have work experience, then you must provide the necessary documents like joining letter and experience letter issued by the authorities. Also, these documents will give a justification about your study gap.

  1. Evidence of English proficiency.

Nowadays, IELTS is the most well known exam to prove proficiency in English to study in UK, so one can provide the IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) to complete the requirement for the application of student visa. Moreover, the Secure English Language Test is considered by UK as an evidence of proficiency in English by the UK visas and immigration authorities

  1. Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)

One has to provide the Reference number of Confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS) and the documents used to obtain CAS as the qualifications of an individual are stated on CAS. CAS is the electronic document sent by the university via email and is the most crucial part of the student visa application.

  1. Offer letter

An offer letter is sent to the student if all the requirements of the university were fulfilled. The offer letter given by the university is required to complete the application of student visa to study in UK. The offer letter is sent by the university via email.

  1. Evidence of finances

One has provide the specific amount of money that they hold in their bank account. This basically gauges your capability to manage the expenses of study as well as living. The evidence of funds which you can provide are stated below:

a.) Official financial sponsorship letters

b.) Official loan letters

c.) Personal bank statements

d.) Bank letters

e.) Property evaluation document

f.) Income Tax Return

In order to meet the requirements for the student visa application, you have to provide these documents to study in UK.

  1. Evidence of relation with parents

You have to provide the proof of your relation with parents if your funds are held under parent’s name. The document accepted this case is birth certificate and you will also have to provide a letter by the parent to give you consent to use the money.

  1. Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) certificate

This certificate is required by the students or researchers who wants to study or research certain sensitive subjects at post graduate level only and not the undergraduate level. Students from EU, USA, Canada, Japan, Switzerland and South Korea are exempted from the requirement of ATAS certificate.

Know in more detail about the documents by Abroad Gateway experts.

Aspirants can study in UK without IELTS only after completing the certain requirements for the specific courses and thereafter they can enjoy the benefits of their decision to study in UK. Also, pursuing the world class courses from the reputed Universities will provide a powerful kick-start to your career.

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