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Have you been wondering that why people nowadays are looking to move into the foreign nations?

Well, there is no doubt that the foreign nations are equipped with plethora of resources and bazillion career opportunities which people are unable to find in their native country, so everybody tends to migrate abroad to receive the benefits and facilities offered by a country.

But hold on, you cannot just move to abroad without having a solid reason. Most of the people go to study abroad because of the quality education and research facilities provided by countries like US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and other. But some people not only move to study abroad but to also work in any of the developed nations around the world. To study abroad, one has to obtain a study permit which basically is the permission granted by a country to study abroad.

According to the data of students studying abroad published by Ministry of External Affairs, India, there are over 11,33,749 Indian student who went to study abroad to obtain better career opportunities for themselves in the native country.


Top 10 benefits of studying abroad


Is it really beneficial to study abroad as it seems from the outlook?

Well, let us have a closer look at some of the benefits of studying abroad.


  1. Multicultural environment

The best part of studying abroad is the essence of multicultural environment. You will get a wide exposure of different cultures and customs prevailing in the world while studying abroad. Not only you will study abroad, but you will also be able learn new languages which will become a noticeable skill for lifetime with the help of multicultural environment.

Moreover it will make you flexible and adaptable in different lifestyles. Furthermore, you will get to know the unique ideas, opinions and perceptions by young minds belonging to various nations which will prove to be constructive in both personal as well as professional life. To study abroad, one must also be well prepared of the challenges that can arise while interacting with people from diverse culture.

  1. Become a global citizen

A global citizen is a person who is well aware of the wide communities in the world and try to contribute in the community to make world a peaceful and sustainable place. Studying abroad will make you a global citizen as you will be developing personality, skills, ideas and opinions that are required to engage with the world as you will get an opportunity to interact with diverse communities and to be a part of prestigious universities and colleges.

 According to the United Nations (UN), the international communities will ensure the learners acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to promulgate sustainable development in addition to the global citizenship by 2030. The universities and colleges promote global citizenship by telling their students that being a part of the global community they can contribute their skills to the communities present around the globe.


  1. Gain soft skills

There is no paucity of gaining skills when you are having an opportunity to study abroad. Studying abroad will enhance your interpersonal communication as well as problem solving skills. Some of the soft skills which you gain while having a chance to study abroad are: –

  • Interpersonal communication

  • Self-management

  • Multidisciplinary thinking

  • Emotional balance

  • Integrity

  • Initiative

  • Ambition

  • Self-discipline

  • Team management.

  1. Personal development

The opportunity to study abroad will bring a lot of improvement in your character and overall personality. You will develop many skills required to survive and manage yourself in the foreign environment. Some of the skills which will assist you in your personal development are: –


a.) Cultural understanding

You will get exposed to different cultures while studying abroad. A person cannot get enough understanding of cultures by travelling anywhere than he/she will get by interacting with people while studying abroad. Your college or university experience will let you know how different the formalities, traditions and customs are. Hence, cultural understanding is the part of interpersonal communication.

b.) Creative problem solving

You will develop this skill automatically as if there is culture as well as the language barrier and you need to be creative in order to understand the other person. This skill will prove to be very constructive in personal life as well as professional too.

c.) Presentation skills

The presentation skills are regarded as the most important ones. You will be able to convey your ideas and opinions in a better way because you have to explain it to the diverse communities of people.

d.) Responsibility

When a person goes to study abroad, he/she has to take responsibility of everything, so you will becomes responsible automatically once you reach any country.

e.) Flexibility and adaptability

While studying abroad you will interact with every kind of people and also experience unusual circumstances which strengthen your ability to adapt and be flexible in any situation. Hence, being resilient will serve you better in life.


  1. International degree and PR

One of the most crucial reasons to study abroad is that students wants international degree as they are well reputed and are recognized all over the world. Moreover, even in India, the candidates having an international exposure and experience are given the utmost preference.

Along with it one of the benefits of studying abroad is permanent residency (PR). For example:- In Canada, a student after completing his/her graduation can work by the means of work permit and can apply for permanent residency after meeting the certain requirements in Canada. However the duration of the work permit depends on the duration of the chosen course.

Furthermore, there are some countries which takes comparatively more time for a person to become eligible for permanent residency including most of the European countries.


  1. Overseas employment opportunities

After getting an international degree, the career opportunities and prospects rises along with your skills. One can choose their career according to the skills one is possessing. Also, one can work and earn part-time while studying to gain an insightful experience of the real time work. However, there is a limit of work that you can do as you can work. For example, In Canada, a student can work only 20 hours/week.

An international degree will prepare your for the diverse career opportunities across various sectors or industries. For example, if one has pursued master’s in business administration that he/she can get the positons of business analyst, marketing manager, project manager, business development executive and product manager in the companies like JP Morgan, Ernst & Young, Accenture, Deloitte, Morgan Stanley and AT Kearney. In this way one can get various positions in the world’s most reputed companies worldwide.


  1. Enhance your language skills

Studying in multicultural environment will be beneficial in terms of understanding and learning new languages. A student get exposed to diverse cultures which includes people from countries like UK, USA, China, Africa, South America and many more. 

A student can work on their fluency while taking advantage of the opportunity to study abroad and can easily have a good command over the native language of a country in just a matter of few months. Moreover, when a student interacts with other people, he/she will automatically enhance their language understanding skills as well as the interpersonal communication skills. Also, you get to interact lot with people as a result of which you practice that language more. Furthermore, you will find that a language can have more than one accents which certainly increases your awareness about the accents of specific language used around the world.


  1. Leadership skills

Leadership skills are the most required skill not only in professional life but in general life too. When you are in other nation, the students are generally away from the friends and family, so every decision whether it’s big or small, the students have to take it themselves.

Not only this, but the students also work in teams where they learn team management and how to take an initiative which prepare them for the real work environment. This further furnishes and strengthens the leadership skills. In this way, the students develop the leadership skills automatically while studying in abroad.

  1. Higher pay

The student who got a chance to study abroad will having higher salaries or income than the people having the same degrees in India. Even if after graduating a person wants to have a carrier in their home country i.e. India, then also they will be paid high amount of income as the companies always give priority to the candidates having international experience. Also, most of the students go to study abroad to elevate their economic situation in India. 

Some of the fields have the highest paying jobs which include the fields like business, medical, accounting & finance and engineering especially.

The top highest paid jobs in the world are: –

  • Data scientist

  • Senior software engineer

  • Investment banker

  • Chief Executive Officer

  • Surgeon

  • Physician

  1. Diverse courses

There are plethora of courses to enroll when you are studying in a foreign nation. Studying abroad provides you with privilege of choosing the course of your choice from variety of the courses. Furthermore, many universities and colleges offers the tailoring of the courses too in which the student can tailor his/her course according to the requirements.

Also, one has to choose the course very carefully as if the course is reputed and provides every skill you need, then it may land you the package you cannot even believe, so always choose the course wisely.

The courses chosen mostly by the students around the world are related to: –

  • Business studies

  • Management studies

  • Finance

  • Law

  • Science

  • Marketing

  • Accounting

  • Design


Studying abroad will give you all the facilities that you need to excel in the career. It is upto you that how you utilize all the resources to get the most of them. Now, you have to choose the course and university wisely.

You also have to calculate your expenses beforehand as the expenses will play major role in the journey to study abroad. In this matter, the Abroad Gateway experts will guide you better so that you can achieve your dream of studying abroad. Last but not the least be clear about the fact that why want to go to study abroad”.

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