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The IELTS exam is designed to test a person’s proficiency in the English Language through Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Undoubtedly, the IELTS exam is recognized by overall 11,000 organizations and institutions worldwide and one of the famous exams of all. That is why people take IELTS classes in the IELTS institute for student Visa and permanent residency. Because of this, a good score is required to get a student visa for further studies in developed nations such as Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Want to score your desired bands? Then try to follow these ways which will surely improve your current performance.

1. Surround yourself with English

The first and foremost thing one should start, if never done, is to surround themselves with the English environment. Whether you listen to a song or watch a movie or series, they must be in English. Doing this can make a big difference in one’s current level of English. By doing this, the understanding ability of language starts increasing gradually, and with practice, one can surprise themselves with a good IELTS result.

2. Understand the pattern

Everyone knows that understanding the pattern of an exam gives one better insight into what they can expect from the exam. Similarly, in the case of the IELTS exam, understanding the format or pattern of the IELTS test will help one to make their strategy. Having the pattern in the subconscious mind will always help in improvising your strategy. Because of this, one can have a good hold over all the modules. Also, understanding the concept of band descriptors will help students to increase their band scores.

3. Be focused

A sharp focus holds great value whenever one has a goal or a target to complete. Being focused and not getting distracted will help one ace any exam, not only the IELTS exam even though there are a lot of self-made distractions, like when a student gets trapped in the web of various IELTS coaching or IELTS course advice, because of which they get confused and are not able to stick with one of the opinions or advice. At the same time, Abroad Gateway will take you out of that trap and will provide a piece of better advice.

4. Improve vocabulary

Vocabulary is just the knowledge bank of one’s words. The more one knows the words, the stronger their vocabulary is.

The vocabulary can be improved by reading books, newspapers and especially the vocabulary section at Abroad Gateway especially. Reading newspapers will help one in terms of being aware as well as in the improvement of their language. The benefit of being aware of one’s surroundings is that it can feed new ideas to one’s mind while writing an essay in the writing module of the IELTS exam. In this way, overall personality can be shaped in a good way that will be visible to the examiner in the speaking module of the IELTS exam.

5. Time Management

One must use time very wisely, especially in the case of the IELTS exam. Time management is important to score high bands in the IELTS test. One can manage time by having a well-ranged experience of all text types. One can excel in all four modules as experiencing various kinds of texts and books will help improve all aspects of the English language. Also, managing time becomes necessary in the IELTS test because one has to review all the answers before the time gets over.

6. Practice

“Practice is the best of all instructors.” Well, this statement holds for the IELTS exam too. Before the IELTS exam booking, practicing IELTS mock test will help analyse one’s overall performance and observe where they are lacking behind. By practicing, one can also improve by learning from whatever errors one is making. The prime focus of giving mocks of the IELTS exam is to strengthen the weak portions in one’s overall performance. Learning from one’s mistake will, no doubt, increase one’s performance level and help get them their desired bands.

7. Keywords in IELTS listening

Listening is one of the scoring modules of the IELTS test. The recording is played only once, and one must listen to it very carefully. The strategy is that while reading the questions, one must underline the keywords and try to extract the context of the recordings. Those keywords may help you with synonym answers to the highlighted keyword as sometimes the answer may not be the exact word in the recording.

8. Develop techniques for IELTS reading

Developing certain techniques like skimming and scanning will help you get a better idea of the context in the first instant, and also, it will help to locate the keywords faster than usual. Also, sometimes the passage is very lengthy, so these techniques will eventually save your time, and also, the focus will be intact.

9. Look for the writing style

Hold up! And have a look at the style in which you are writing in IELTS essay writing. In IELTS Writing, the writing style must be formal. So proceeded with caution while writing the essay as one must carry the same formal style throughout the essay writing. Also, the tense is one of the most important things to be taken care of, as the tense will make a big difference in what you are trying to convey through your essay.

10. Break the fear in IELTS speaking

‘Break the fear’ here means being indifferent to what others think while speaking English. Whether you are a beginner, you must start it, whether it isn’t that good. As taking the first step is necessary to climb the whole staircase similarly first step of speaking even broken English will make a drastic improvement in your current level of English. In this way, one can gradually build their fluency and surprise themselves after some time.


The IELTS exam requires a good focus and an improvised strategy to score higher bands. Also, being confident in the performance will increase the chances of getting high IELTS Bands. So, by these ways, one can improve their performance and score higher bands in the IELTS exam.

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