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Best PR Visa Consultants in Chandigarh

A Permanent Resident (PR) Visa Consultant provides services to assist with the application and processing of a PR visa. Abroad Gateway consultant has expertise in immigration processes, UK, Canada, Europe, and Australia laws and regulations, and can provide advice on all aspects of the application process. The main benefit to hiring a PR Visa Consultant is that they have experience navigating complex government requirements and procedures, which makes them invaluable when it comes to ensuring your visa application goes through quickly and successfully. With their knowledge, skills and resources at hand, you can be sure that your dream of living permanently in these Countries will become a reality.

Find the Right Path to Permanent Residency with Chandigarh’s Top PR Visa Consultant

Chandigarh’s top PR Visa Consultancy Abroad Gateway will provide you with the expertise and guidance to navigate the complex journey to permanent residency. Take the right step and get the reliable advice you need to meet your goals.


Unrivaled Expertise in PR Immigration Services

At PR Visa Consultant in Abroad Gateway Chandigarh, we bring unmatched experience and expertise to all of our clients’ immigration needs. With over 12 years of devoted service to immigrants, our knowledgeable team can provide the personalized attention necessary for a successful visa application process.


Streamlined Process to Achieve Your Immigration Goals

If you have dreams of migrating to a new country and want the best chances for success, look no further than PR Visa Consultants in Chandigarh. Our team is dedicated to making the application process seamless and efficient so that you can quickly achieve your immigration goals. Contact us today for more information!


Dedicated Team of Professionals Working for You

Our team of highly trained and experienced immigration professionals is well-equipped to provide the individualized support necessary for successful visa applications. With our commitment to you, we strive to make your dreams of a better life abroad attainable. Abroad Gateway is here to assist you on every step of your journey.


The eligibility criteria for a Permanent Residency (PR) visa can vary depending on the country and the specific visa category. However, here are some general requirements that are often necessary:


1. Age: You must typically be between 18-45 years of age, although this can vary depending on the country and visa category.


2. Education: You must have a certain level of education, such as a bachelor’s degree or higher, in a relevant field of study. Some countries may require your educational qualifications to be assessed for equivalence with their own education system.


3. Language Proficiency: You must typically demonstrate proficiency in the language of the country where you wish to apply for the PR visa, through a language test or other means of assessment.


4. Work Experience: You must typically have relevant work experience in a skilled occupation, which is usually assessed based on factors such as skill level, work experience, and qualifications.


5. Health and Character Requirements: You must typically undergo a medical examination to ensure that you are in good health and do not pose a risk to public health, as well as provide police clearance certificates to demonstrate that you have no criminal record.


6. Points-Based System: Some countries use a points-based system to assess your eligibility for a PR visa, where you are awarded points based on factors such as your age, education, work experience, language proficiency, and other factors.


It’s important to note that the specific requirements can vary widely depending on the country and the visa category. It’s always a good idea to consult with the relevant embassy or consulate and carefully review the visa application requirements before applying.

Get Free Counseling from PR Visa Consultants

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Abroad Gateway is the Trusted PR Visa Immigration Consultant

Trust is one of the most important human values and is the base of all the relationships that we make whether it is personal or professional. As humans are called social animal, relationships are an inherent part of the human life which makes trust and faith the most honourable values. This human quality is most appreciated in some of the sectors like defence, medical, civil services or immigration because these are directly related to people’s life and well-being.

When you plan to move abroad on permanent visa, your future and your hard earned money is at stake, therefore it is crucial to choose the PR visa consultant judiciously so that you do not have to face disappointments. To help you out let’s disclose the name of the most trusted PR Visa Immigration Consultants, that is Abroad Gateway located in sector 42 of Chandigarh. Apart from all the knowledge, skills and competency that keeps them on top, following qualities make them worthy of your trust.

Complete Transparency: The team Abroad Gateway is committed to be very clear while communicating with the clients so that they are always aware of the status of the processing of your application. The team keeps communicating proactively with all the counterparts and keep updating the candidate as well. This is the reason the clients trust the team with their money and future because they experience it first-hand.

Adherence to Confidentiality:To process the PR visa it is necessary for the applicants to disclose personal details and documents which are very important and if reached wrong hands, can land the client in big trouble. Thus, confidentiality is most desired by all the clients in this industry. Besides that, one shares a lot of family and financial issues as well with the consultant which is why maintaining secrecy is highly needed. This is one thing that is followed diligently in this firm and due to this the clients trust the team with all the crucial information.

The above key differentiators make Abroad Gateway the most trusted PR visa consultant in Chandigarh.

Why We Are Best PR Visa Agents in Chandigarh?

Being the best in any field is not easy and demands a lot of dedication, hard work and perseverance. This holds true in case of the visa consultancy firms as well because reaching at the top among such a big group is quite challenging. Abroad Gateway has become now the Best PR Visa agent in Chandigarh due to the passion, hard work, dedication and patience of its team. Let’s see what it takes to be the best in the industry:

Comprehensive Knowledge:To be able to excel in a field it is essential that you first acquire complete and detailed knowledge of that field, which is why it is the pre-requisite for any staff member to get selected in the Abroad Gateway’s visa team. All the visa counsellors and other members of the visa team of this firm have extensive knowledge about the immigration laws of all the countries they deal with which include Canada, UK, Australia, USA, New Zealand and Europe.

Mastery in the Application process: As the team Abroad Gateway has processed thousands of applications for PR and other types of visa, the team has become the master in the visa application process. They are aware of the real challenges that come through while carrying out the various actionable needed to process the PR visa. The team is proactive about each step and keeps itself and its clients prepared beforehand for the next step to be taken making it to stay ahead.

Excellent Support System: It has a very strong support system for the clients so that they are not troubled at all. They provide additional services like English coaching, loan or scholarship processing, ticketing and currency converting.

Reliability:Last but not the least, it is very reliable and that is why the clients trust them completely with their future. The team has time and again proved that they are the most reliable of the lot because they believe is providing clarity about every transaction and action taken on clients’ behalf.

The aforementioned factors have led it to be the Best PR Visa Consultant in Chandigarh.

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Our team of experts leave no stone unturned to make your dream to settle abroad come true.

What is PR Visa?

PR visa is the industrial jargon for Permanent Residency Visa which means that the applicant needs to go to the foreign country for a long time to be able to work there. Many Indians apply for PR visa through the PR visa agents for the preferred destinations like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many others annually in pursuit of a better personal as well as professional life and lifestyle.

It is not easy to get the PR visa because there are more stringent rules for that in almost all the countries. The countries welcome the foreigners who will be able to contribute in the growth of the country and its society and not the one who proves to be a burden. Therefore, one has to clearly show it through the documents and profile (there are points awarded for each important detail) that they will be an asset to the nation.

The PR visa is considered to be the initial step that one takes to finally get the citizenship of the nation after some time. Your PR visa agent will be able to guide you about that as well and help you out to immigrate your family members as well facilitating the settlement in a new country easy, though it takes little time.

Just like other visa types it is crucial for the PR seeker to have enough finances to be able to support self as well as the dependent family member. Therefore, one must have required funds available in the acceptable forms to be able to apply for the PR.

Although you can apply for PR without having a job opportunity in hand but it is better if you have one before you apply for PR. You can apply to the jobs in abroad and attend the video interviews as many firms have adopted the online processes. The PR visa agent will be able to suggest some ways to do that.

It is essential to have a certain level of English language proficiency to apply for PR to an English speaking country as you are expected to communicate with locals in office or market or other public places and most importantly to understand the instructions given to you by your boss. For this it is required that you score well in one of the acceptable English language proficiency test to prove your language level.

To become the citizen of that country, the PR visa holder should stay for some time and then fulfil certain requirements and file for the citizenship. An efficient PR visa consultant will be able to guide you and carry out the actions for the same on your behalf.

How to Choose Genuine PR Visa Consultant in Chandigarh?

Finding genuine PR Visa Consultants in Chandigarh is as tough as finding a needle in the haystack. This is due to the abundance of visa agents in a small city because Chandigarh is the joint capital of two prominent states of India from where highest number of people immigrate to various developed nations in pursuit of happiness. But, if you are also thinking of taking that step in life and are looking for a competent PR visa agent in Chandigarhthen you need to know what to look for in an agent or consultant, let us explore the same:

Knowledge: The first and foremost quality of the Best PR Visa agent is the vast and in-depth knowledge of the immigration industry, theoretical as well as practical so that the best option and best way could be offered to the clients which will be rewarding in the upcoming future.

Skills: Knowledge alone does deliver great result, it needs to be supported by the skills and great insight to use both as per the requirement. An efficientPR visa agent is highly skilled in preparing the file and advising the clients to do things which will lead to increase in the points needed to have better PR chances and options and will assist in achieving that as well.

Services Offered: It is important that you find out about all the services offered by the consultant because you should not need to do a lot of running around if you hire a consultant for your process. Any proficient visa agent will offer multiple services such as profile assessment, English coaching, documents preparation in the right format, visa application submission, interview preparation for visa and more.

Moral Values: It is important to choose a PR visa agent in Chandigarh who has high moral values which is rare but most appreciated. The industry which is known for many fraudulent activities, it is must that you choose the consultant who is honest, reliable, transparent and trustworthy.

The PR visa consultant in Chandigarh who has all the above qualities is genuine and should be worth your time and money.

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Are you looking for the Best PR Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh?

Migration to other countries promising better employment and quality of life is a popular trend in this contemporary world everywhere, especially in developing countries. There are many students or working professionals in India who apply to get the visa to go to popular countries like Canada, Australia, UK, USA etc. To be able to live in a country for a long time one needs to get the PR visa which can either be applied from the home country directly to work there or could be applied from that country itself if you are there on student visa or spouse visa. It is a complicated process involving many crucial factors that a good PR visa agent will be able to tell in detail, you will be able to find the efficient PR visa consultants in Chandigarh.

Below are the reasons to hire the best PR visa agent for the process:

  • Well versed with the PR process:A proficient immigration consultant knows all about all kinds of visa and the differences in the application process for all. As the ultimate goal of many people is to settle in abroad, everyone tries to get the PR visa and only an efficient PR visa agent knows how to obtain that from India as well as from abroad. As the agent is well versed with all the policies and immigration laws of various countries, he or she will be able to tell you about all the eligibility criteria and the ways to meet them as well.
  • Provides Targeted English Coaching: A resourceful PR visa consultant in Chandigarh will be able to assist the clients to improve their English proficiency so that they can clear the test with the desired score as it is a very important criteria and difficult to achieve for many.
  • Excellent guidance to find employment beforehand: Being experienced and thorough with all the nitty-gritty of the process, the best PR visa agents in Chandigarh guide the aspirants to grab a good employment opportunity in the foreign country while being in the home country which makes the transition easy.

These are only a few features of the Best PR Visa agent in Chandigarh (Abroad Gateway), however, it offers much more than that which you can know and experience by contacting them for your Permanent Residency visa process.

How to apply for a PR visa?

Permanent Residency visa is the official document which permits you to live in a country for a long time for the purpose of employment. Usually people wish to go to developed countries as they offer better opportunities and better life to the residents. There are a lot of PR visa consultants in Chandigarh which make the immigration process for such people easy which is otherwise a very complex process owing to the involvement of two nations and their immigration laws.

Below are the steps involved in the process of getting the PR visa for any country:

Meeting Eligibility Criteria: The process initiates with knowing all the requirements to become eligible to apply for the PR which varies from country to country depending upon the respective laws of immigration in them. However, the basic eligibility criteria that all of them have are age, qualification, relevant job experience, language proficiency and presence of any blood relative in the destination country.

The applicant gets points for each of the eligibility criteria and the higher the points, the better are the chances to get the PR visa easily without any hassle. For instance, if you have studied only till Senior Secondary School you will be awarded less points in the education as compared to the person who has done Masters in his field. The similar holds value in case of the number of years of experience in one or more employments.

Submitting the PR Visa Application:Once all the pre-requisites are met, one can ask the chosen PR visa consultant to fill the application form and submit it along with all the documents and evidences to the embassy, either online or offline. A fee needs to be paid for the visa application processing to the embassy which is again subjective to the country’s rules.

Facing Visa Interview:The last significant step in the process is to face the personal interview at the embassy with the visa officer. A good PR visa consultant will prepare its clients well to answer the questions confidently and correctly so that the visa officer gets convinced about the candidature and approves your application.

Having consulted with the best PR Visa Consultants in Chandigarh will guarantee the PR visa as early as possible for the dream country.

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