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Spouse Visa Consultants in Chandigarh

A Spouse Visa is a type of visa that allows foreign nationals to enter or stay in the Another Country with their spouse who is already a lawful permanent resident or citizen or doing Study. This type of visa can be beneficial for those wishing to either reunite with their family or work in the Canada, UK, Australia, and Europe. as it provides them with access to many different opportunities. However, due to its complex nature and ever-changing regulations, it can be difficult for individuals to understand how they should go about obtaining one on their own. This is where using an experienced Spouse Visa Consultants in Chandigarh comes in handy. Abroad Gateway have extensive knowledge and understanding of all the laws related to these visas and will be able to guide you through the entire process from start to finish. We also provide you with advice on any questions you may have regarding your application and ensure that everything runs smoothly during your journey towards becoming a Canada, UK, Europe and Australia resident.

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Do not delay any longer and start your Spouse Visa process today with Abroad Gateway Consultancy in Chandigarh. Using the range of services we offer, such as visa application and immigration support, you will get all the necessary help to proceed smoothly in your visa application.

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Abroad Gateway is the best Spouse Visa Consultancy in Chandigarh that provides expert help with your spouse visa processing. Our seasoned professionals have decades of experience backing them up and guarantee a successful application outcome for every case. Get in touch with us today to make sure you get all your paperwork handled efficiently!

Comprehensive Support from Experienced Professionals

Abroad Gateway is your one-stop shop for expert Spouse Visa Consultancy. Our experienced professionals have the necessary insight to ensure a successful outcome in every case by providing comprehensive support with document evaluation, visa application and follow-up services. Get in touch with us today!

Quick and Efficient Services for Visa Application Approval

At Abroad Gateway, we offer a comprehensive service package that helps expedite visa application approvals. We understand the urgency of the situation and guarantee quick and efficient solutions for your spouse visa processing needs with our experienced professionals by your side helping every step of the way.

The eligibility criteria for a spouse visa can vary depending on the country and the specific visa category. However, here are some general requirements that are often necessary:

Marriage: The applicant must be legally married to their spouse, and the marriage must be recognized by the country where the visa is being applied for.

Relationship: The applicant and their spouse must have a genuine and ongoing relationship. This may be demonstrated through evidence of joint financial commitments, shared living arrangements, and communication records.

Sponsorship: The applicant’s spouse must be willing to sponsor them for the visa and provide evidence of their ability to support the applicant financially.

Financial Requirements: The applicant may need to meet certain financial requirements to demonstrate that they will not require public funds upon arrival. The exact financial requirements may vary depending on the country and the specific visa category.

Health and Character Requirements: The applicant may need to undergo health checks and provide police clearance certificates to demonstrate that they are of good character and do not pose a threat to public health or security.

Language Requirements: In some cases, the applicant may need to demonstrate their proficiency in the language of the country where the visa is being applied for.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements can vary widely depending on the country and the visa category. It’s always a good idea to consult with the relevant embassy or consulate and carefully review the visa application requirements before applying.

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Best Spouse Visa Consultant in Chandigarh

Living away from your husband or wife is not considered healthy for the relationship in every culture throughout the globe as distances increase the differences leading to weak bonds, therefore it is advised by elders and professionals that partners should not live apart for a long time. This has led to the incline in the spouse visa applications for people who want to join or accompany their spouses planning to work or even study in any foreign country. There are visa agents in Chandigarh who assist applicants for this but this complicated process is proficiently handled by the Best Spouse Visa Consultants in Chandigarh which is your own Abroad Gateway. When it is told that you consult the best one, it is not said without the solid reasons, let’s look at them in detail:

Sympathetic:The best spouse visa consultant is sensitive and considerate, so can understand your need to get this visa and takes all the steps appropriately. It is important to prepare the file carefully, presenting your case very clearly covering all the points so that the authorities also understand the necessity to get the visa. The visa team of this consultancy does this beautifully to ensure high chances of acceptance of your application by the visa officer.

Respects the privacy:The spouse visa requires you to share a lot of personal details and keep them in open for the authorities to look at them to get convinced that you two are legally wedded and share a very strong bond with each other. That is the reason it is crucial that the visa agent maintains confidentiality and does not leak the personal information like the personal chats and pictures of the couple with anyone.

Expertise in the filing procedure: Being the Best Spouse Visa Consultant in Chandigarh, Abroad Gateway’s visa team members are expert in the visa application filing process and therefore do everything meticulously so as to get the visa for you as fast as possible for either flying out with your partner or if not that then join him or her once they start living there.

Why Choose Abroad Gateway Chandigarh for Spouse Visa Need?

Abroad Gateway is the answer to all your queries related to the spouse visa, which is why it is referred to as the best Spouse Visa Consultant in Chandigarh and should be your first choice for spouse visa need. When you put your feet in the office, you are received warmly and a visa counsellor is appointed for you. Here is what happens after that:

  • The counsellor patiently listens to the story of the client to understand the circumstances so that the best suggestion can be given. Therefore it is necessary that you tell your story without hiding anything.
  • Based upon the information provided by you, the profile is assessed and the next course of action is explained. The consultant here will tell you whether you need to take the English proficiency test or not and how relevant is that at present or in future unlike many others who blindly ask you to take the test.
  • The consultant provides the list of documents that are needed from you to apply for the spouse visa like the proof of identity, qualifications, legal document to confirm your relation with your spouse like the Marriage certificate& wedding pictures, availability of funds in the account and other official documents.
  • It is extremely important to show to the authorities that you have a strong relation with your spouse and have been stable in the relationshipthroughout the duration of your married life. The efficient visa consultant at Abroad Gateway will tell you the ways to do that like sharing personal WhatsApp chats, screenshot of the video calls made or the travel details if you have taken a trip together.
  • You need to submit the Relationship Letter along with your application form clearly stating the purpose of going abroad and confirming that you will be returning once the visa expires. Abroad Gateway is the Best Spouse Visa Consultant in Chandigarh, therefore it understands the significance of a well-written RL. The visa team writes it themselves for the clients ensuring that it covers all the important aspects.
  • Once they have all of the above ready the counsellor submits the application online by filling the form and attaching the necessary documents. After that the team also makes the applicant ready to answer any question asked by the visa officer in the face to face interview if it happens.

The above discussion makes it clear how the team hand-holds the client from beginning to the end leading to success.

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Why We Are the Best Spouse Visa Agent in Chandigarh?

It takes a lot to be the Best Spouse Visa Agents in Chandigarh, not everyone takes up these cases due to the strict laws related to such visas. In such a scenario, Abroad Gateway has excelled in getting the spouse visa for its clients making it the best among all. Below are the qualities that has helped to get that status:

Confidentiality: The most important of all the qualities that a spouse visa agent should have is confidentiality which is not contractual but is the must while dealing with spouse visa application as a couple has to share a lot of personal details justifying the authentication of their relation which includes personal chats or proof of video call between both the partners for the duration of their relationship which if gets leaked leads to a lot of embarrassment. It is really cruel to disclose it to a third person who does not need to know that. The visa team in Abroad Gateway respects the privacy of the couple who contact them and ensure that the information is only shared with the person who needs to use it for the visa filing process.

Knowledge: Nothing can be accomplished in life without having proper and correct knowledge about it, that is why the competent team of consultants in Abroad Gateway have acquired detailed knowledge about the spouse visa processes of each nation so that they can handle any case with ease. That is not all, they keep updating themselves regarding any changes that may happen so that they can give correct information to their clients. For example; Canada has just stopped giving spouse visa for the spouse of the students enrolled in the undergrad programs for 2 years.

Highly Skilled: To be the Best Spouse Visa Agent it is imperative that the agent knows how to present your documents and story in a precise and concise way to the embassy to convince them about the necessity of the spouse visa for the applicant. The online file cannot be more than 4mb in size that is why only a highly skilled person can organised everything and present it convincingly, the visa counsellors of Abroad Gateway are expert in that.

These are some of the key qualities of the Best Spouse Visa Agent in Chandigarh, so if you are planning to do that, then do meet the experts as soon as possible.

A Complete Roundup of Spouse Visa Services at Abroad Gateway

Please find below the complete but brief account of the process adhered to by the best Spouse Visa Consultant in Chandigarh – Abroad Gateway.

Meeting the Counsellor: The initial step is to meet the very knowledgeable visa counsellors of Abroad Gateway where you need to share your reason to apply for spouse visa and explain your circumstances and other educational and employment details so that the counsellor can do profile assessment to guide you the best regarding the further course of action.

After the profile is analysed, the consultant will be able to tell you about the eligibility criteria and necessary documents that are required to apply for the visa and you need to make that available to him or her so that the next step can be taken to move forward.

Providing the Important Documents:The vital part of the spouse visa is to provide evidence of the relationship which includes Marriage certificate, pictures of the various rituals of wedding happening in the presence of the relatives and friends. Also, your marriage should be at least a year old and to prove that you are asked to share the chats and screenshots of the video calls happened between you two in that one year. If any holiday trip is taken together then you should share the booking details like flight tickets and hotel reservation. You are supposed to share all this with the spouse visa consultant.

Along with that, you have to show the proof of funds in your account (8 to 10 Lacs) and other documents related to the identification, residence, qualifications and employment if any. As the spouse has the open work permit therefore if you acquire an employment opportunity beforehand then it will be an added advantage and will strengthen your profile.

Submitting the Visa Application: As soon as you handover the required details and documents, the spouse visa agent fills the application form and attaches all the documents along with a well written Relationship Letter and submits it online. It is crucial that the agent organises the details in a way that the visa officer gets the clear picture of the whole situation and accepts the application.

Preparing for the Embassy Interview: We always prepare for all the important interviews that we have to face, be it for education or employment, the same is needed to face the visa interview in the embassy. Therefore, being the Best Spouse Visa Consultant in Chandigarh, Abroad Gateway prepares the client to clear the interview comfortably. Once that goes well, you get the visa in 3-4 weeks.

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If your spouse is going abroad to study or to work then it is always better that you also be with him or her to stay together because usually long distance relationships do not last long. Thus, parents and elders of the family mostly advise to go together or if one goes first then the other should also join the other as soon as possible. To accomplish that you ought to consult a Spouse Visa Consultant in Chandigarh or your city if it has one, however the best one is in sector 42 Chandigarh called as Abroad Gateway. It is an expert advisor who will give you the best advice based upon your profile and your spouse’s profile.

The team Abroad Gateway has expertise in dealing with the spouse visa for various purposes and knows the visa application process thoroughly which makes it capable of carrying out the process with complete precision.

The governments of the nations need to ensure that only the people in need enter their land so that their population is not increased uncontrollably adding unnecessary burden on the nation’s budget, that is why they have strict policies regarding spouse visa. Owing to this the Spouse Visa Consultants in Abroad Gateway present the file and documents very well to strongly put forward the story of their clients.

The visa counsellors here guide the clients how to establish a strong stable relationship between the couple on the paper or digitally which could be submitted as a proof and to justify the genuine and legal relation of the couple like what types of chat should be saved and how to take the screenshots of the video calls between the partners.

The team Abroad Gateway also advises the clients to write the perfect Relationship Letter to accommodate all the necessary details. If the clients are unable to do so they can do it for them.

The suggestions and advices are also given to the applicants to present themselves confidently and answer correct in the visa interview if they have to go through that.

Their expert advice at every step is extremely beneficial for its clients to get the spouse visa making it the top-notch Spouse Visa Consultant in Chandigarh and stand out in the crowd.

How to Apply for a Spouse Visa?

If your spouse is living or planning to live in any foreign country for the purpose of study or work and you wish to live with them in that country then you have to apply for the spouse visa for that country. Although governments of all the nations issue that but they have their own policies and procedures for that which is subjective to their immigration laws, however, there are some steps which are same for all. Here are the steps taken on broader terms which the Spouse Visa Agent will tell you about:

  • The first step is to get the necessary documents ready to be able to apply for the spouse visa which include all the credentials (educational as well as professional), proof of identity and residence in the home country and evidence to prove the legal relationship such as marriage certificate.
  • It is pivotal for the process to provide proofs to justify the relationship status. You canshow wedding pictures and chats happened between both the partners for the duration of the relationship or travel details of vacations spent together as a couple. The marriage should be at least 1 year old.
  • Apart from that you are required to write and submit the Relationship letter which is just like the SOP and must contain the strong purpose for going abroad and the reasons to get back to the home country.
  • In addition to that, there should be sufficient funds in the bank account either the cash or in the form of FD to be able to apply for the visa.
  • Though not mandatory, it is good to show the source of income for the time you will spend in the new country which could be an employment offer that you have received beforehand because the spouse visa gives open work permit to the spouse.
  • Once all of that is ready, your Spouse Visa Consultants will fill the application form and attach all the paperwork and evidences and submit that. Now, you should be ready to face the interview with the visa officer if need be. Post that, you just need to wait to get the spouse visa to be able to live with your spouse.

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