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USA Study Visa Consultants in Chandigarh

USA is one of the superpowers of the world and has a very strong economy to support and grow all the sectors like education, employment, healthcare, entertainment, trade, culture etc. That is the reason it can offer better life and lifestyle to all the people living in the USA which allures citizens of many developing countries to migrate for the purpose of study or work. Due to this many students apply to US consulate to get the student visa to acquire higher education in one of the respectable universities of the USA. There are consultants all over the country to help the students get that but some of the best ones are in Chandigarh. Below are the services that the USA Study Visa Consultants in Chandigarh offer to its clients:

Free Counselling: This is the initial step where the visa counsellor explain the whole process in detail along with assessing your profile to be able to understand your needs and preferences.

Suggesting best options: Based upon the assessment they offer the most suitable program in a reputed university or college for you which has great potential in the future.

Providing English coaching: As having good proficiency in the English language is a pre-requisite to apply for study visa, the Best USA Study Visa Consultants in Chandigarh offers coaching to its clients to clear the tests meant for that like IELTS/PTE/TOEFL and others.

Assisting to get the loan/Scholarship: Availability of funds is extremely important to get the visa of any country so you need to have that along with the evidence to show that. If you are lacking in that, you can apply for the student loan which can be easily facilitated by your consultant if he or she is resourceful enough.

Securing seat in the University: When all the documents are ready and you meet all the eligibility criteria, the consultant applies to the university to obtain the admission offer letter without which you cannot apply for the USA visa.

Applying for the visa: Once the admission offer letter is received, the visa agent applies to get the visa on the embassy’s website attaching all the documents needed with that.

Preparing to Clear the Visa Interview: It is a very crucial step to get the American visa, therefore the efficient consultant prepares the client well to clear the interview with the visa officer in the consulate. If all goes well, you get the USA student visa in 3-4 weeks.

Planning Travel: Many of the students and their families do not have the experience of travel abroad, therefore a good USA Student Visa Consultant in Chandigarh helps them book the flights and make other arrangements so that you do not face any issues while travelling and after reaching there.

Forex services: Getting foreign currency to use in the new country is very important which the consultant could help the client get at a nominal rate.

Preferred Courses to get student visa in USA

UK offers a variety of study programs in various fields to students seeking USA student visa and immigration

Medical Care

Science Courses

Social Sciences


IT Courses

Language Courses

Management Courses


Bio Informatics


Best USA Student Visa Consultants in Chandigarh

Chandigarh houses some of the great USA student visa agents and Abroad Gateway is the Best USA Study Visa Consultants in Chandigarh due to the high proficiency in the work it does. Have you made up your mind to study in the USA? If yes, then you should not waste your time and contact the team Abroad Gateway. Here is what you are supposed to experience when you hire it as your study visa consultant for the USA:

Plethora of options: USA consists of 50 states of America which have huge count of universities and colleges teaching all the subjects through various courses and the visa counsellors of Abroad Gateway are aware about all of them due to which they can keep a lot of options on the table for you to choose from so that you have the best available option.

Extensive knowledge & Experience: The team Abroad Gateway is well chosen by considering the rich experience and vast knowledge in the field making them experts. This is beneficial as they know all the practical aspects of the processing of the USA student visa. The visa process is a complex process including many things which need to be kept in mind making it crucial to have good experience having dealt with all kinds of situations.

Fast Action: In the USA student visa process time is one of the key factor because if things are done respecting the timelines then only one can have smooth and easy processing and this is what the team AG understand too well, thanks to the experience they have. Therefore, they are always on their toes to get the actions done on time leading to fast processing.

Clear & Precise Communication: Nobody likes if they are not kept aware about the things related to them, hence the visa team of Abroad Gateway communicates clearly with the clients in the language they understand better making it absolutely clear.  There is nothing hidden in their process and therefore they do not hesitate to keep the clients updated about each step of the process.

As per the discussion it is crystal clear that it is extremely important to have the best USA study visa consultant in Chandigarh if you wish to succeed in it as soon as it is practically possible.

Which is the Best USA Visa Consultant in Chandigarh?

Consultation is an important aspect of visa application process for any country, especially the USA due to the tougher laws of immigration for any purpose. Every year Indians apply for the USA visa to either study there or work. There are many good visa agents who deal in this in Chandigarh but it is highly recommended that you contact the Best USA Visa Consultant in Chandigarh so that everything gets done smoothly leading to a good experience, therefore you must reach out to Abroad Gateway which is the best consultancy offering various services concerning visa application process. Here is why you should consult its team:

Reliance: It is mandatory that the consultant you hire for processing of your visa application submission is completely reliable because you are trusting him or her with your money, dreams and hopes. The visa team at Abroad Gateway always keeps these things in consideration and does everything possible in their capacity to get the things done on time or before time keeping the clients posted on all the steps taken to provide complete clarity.

Treasure of Practical Experience: The process to obtain the American visa is very complex and intricate, that is why it is required that your visa agent has rich experience in dealing with all the aspects of the process. The team Abroad Gateway has vast experience in the field and due to this they are aware of all the know-how of the process and what is required to be done in various circumstances. This helps them to overcome all the challenges that come on the way.

Great Interpersonal skills: In the sector where you have to deal with different people from different countries, it is necessary that you have good interpersonal skills so that you can communicate well and get the things done. The visa team at Abroad Gateway has great interpersonal skills which helps them to have great relationship with the university representatives and officials at various levels which facilitates fast and smooth processing.

This clearly show why it is the best USA Student Visa Consultant in Chandigarh and why it must be your consultant to file the visa for America.

Get Free Counseling from Student Visa consultants

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How can I get USA Student Visa Fast?

In this fast paced world, people want to have everything fast and quick and this holds true in case of the study visa cases as well which is a long process. Having said that, it is also not impossible to expedite this process. If you contact the best USA student Visa Consultants in Chandigarh, they will guide you about the ways to get the USA study visa as fast as possible.

The processing time that the universities take to accept your candidature and the consulate to process your visa application is not in your control but there are many actionable by the applicant which are completely in his or her control. To accelerate the process the aspirants can ensure the fast actions on their part in the following areas:

  1. Plan and start the process well in advance so that when you apply there are ample of seats in the universities in the courses for the intake you desire. It is highly recommended to get the offer letter for enrolment at the earliest possible date.
  2. To be able to apply to the universities for the enrolment offer, it is necessary that you have all the required paperwork and documentation ready. You need to plan in advance and get the documents ready including the educational credentials, proof of identity, proof of address and other details.
  3. Along with that, the most important piece of document is the proof of funds showing that you have the required amount to be able to support your education and cost of living when you are in the USA. This is what mostly takes more time so it is better to plan the finances well in advance because if you need to apply for the student loan, it takes a little time. However, if your USA Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh is the best in the field, he or she can get it done for you in very less time thereby expediting the process for you.
  4. Also, scoring well in one of the English language proficiency test is needed. For fast processing, you need to accomplish this in less time. The competent USA Student Visa Agents have the team of excellent teachers to help you meet this target.

The above mentioned actions can lead to fast processing of your study visa to USA, do contact the best consultant in Chandigarh as your official representative to lead you through the whole process.

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Scholarship for study visa is just a click away.. !

Scholarships of $1,50,000 available for students

List of Universities in the USA

The United States of America is the land of hopes and opportunities making it the favorite destination for international students. It has some of the best universities and colleges for Arts, Business and STEM subjects. It has some of the top ranted educational places for Science, Arts and Commerce disciplines and so has something for everyone. Every year many Indian students opt to study in the USA so that they can have better life and career in the future.

Top business schools in the US:

  1. University of Chicago (Booth)
  2. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
  3. Northwestern University (Kellogg)
  4. Stanford University
  5. Harvard University
  6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)
  7. Yale University
  8. Columbia University
  9. University of California–Berkeley (Haas)
  10. University of Michigan–Ann Arbor (Ross)

Top 10 institutions in the USA for Engineering and Science:

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  2. Stanford University
  3. University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
  4. Harvard University
  5. Georgia Institute of Technology
  6. California Institute of Technology
  7. Carnegie Mellon University
  8. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  9. Princeton University
  10. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Top 10 Medical schools in the United States:

  1. Harvard University
  2. Yale University
  3. Stanford University
  4. University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
  5. Columbia University
  6. New York University (NYU)
  7. University of Chicago
  8. Georgetown University
  9. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  10. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Top 10 institutions in the United States to study Social Sciences:

  1. Harvard University
  2. Stanford University
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  4. University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
  5. Yale University
  6. University of California, Los Angeles
  7. University of Pennsylvania
  8. Columbia University
  9. University of Chicago
  10. Princeton University

Top 10 Liberal Arts colleges in the USA:

  1. Williams College
  2. Amherst College
  3. Swarthmore College
  4. Pomona College
  5. Wellesley College
  6. Bowdoin College
  7. United States Naval Academy
  8. Claremont McKenna College
  9. Carleton College
  10. Middlebury College

USA Student Visa Success Stories

A glimpse of Students who got USA study visa


Saint Louis University


Mississippi University

Anuj Shukla

The University of Arizona


Washington State University

How to Apply for a USA Study Visa?

Getting the study visa for the United States of America is not too easy but it is also not difficult if you have the best USA Study Visa Consultant processing things for you because a resourceful consultant knows how to get things done fast following all the norms and polices of the American government which obviously an ordinary person cannot do on their own.

Let’s see what needs to be done to apply for the USA’s study visa (F1 visa):

The first step is to apply for the enrolment confirmation letter from the chosen university for the desired course or program which is necessary to get the I-20 form issued by the university which is needed to apply for the visa. This is a very important step as student visa cannot be applied without that. To get that, the following things are needed: The proof of identity, address, score for 10th and 12th, English proficiency test score and funds required to cover the cost of education and living. With all these documents the USA Study Visa Agent submits the application to the university to get the offer letter for enrolment.

Once the I-20 and admission offer letter are issued, it is time to apply for the visa. The applicant is supposed to fill up the form and attach all the documents paying the visa application fee and submitting its proof as well. You will have to attend the interview with the visa officer in the US consulate. It is the next important stage as getting the visa is dependent on how well you answer the questions and how honest you are about them. If your visa consultant is an expert, he or she will train you well regarding the interview so that you are confident about it. After that, if they keep your passport then that means the visa is approved and you get the passport after stamping through mail/courier.

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USA universities provide ample of job opportunities across the world.

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