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Preferred Courses to get student visa in New Zealand

New Zealand offers a variety of study programs in various fields to students seeking New Zealand student visa and immigration

Medical Care

Science Courses

Social Sciences


IT Courses

Language Courses

Management Courses


Bio Informatics


How to Apply for New Zealand Study Visa?

New Zealandis a small country in the Oceania and is known for its beautiful landscapes and peaceful environment. Many Indian students plan to live in New Zealand as it offers opportunities as well as a wonderful life to all its residents because the government is very people centric. Getting a student visa is not that difficult but it is also true that the laws of immigration are quite strict and implemented by the book. However, if you hire the best New Zealand student visa consultant in Chandigarh (Abroad Gateway) then you will be able to get it without any trouble.

Study in New Zeland

Let’s look at the process of applying for the Fee Paying student visa for New Zealand:

  • The first step is to find out and meet the basic requirement to become eligible to apply for the student visa for New Zealand.
  • The most important piece of document required to get student visa is the offer letter for enrolment from the approved education provider. To get that you need to have a valid passport and qualification credentials along with the proof of the funds to cover the cost of education and living which is very important and without that nothing is possible in the world.
  • The aspirant must prove that he or she is proficient in English language so that there is no doubt that they will be able to survive in a new country and will be able to carry out all the necessary tasks. One can take any of the approved and accepted English language tests like IELTS or PTE to prove their language level.
  • Once all that is ready, your consultant can fill up the application form to get the offer letter of place and attach all the documents before submit is important to check that the education provider is a government approved one.
  • As soon as the offer letter for place is received, your student visa agent will be able to fill the visa application form and present all the required documents with that to convince the embassy to accept your application.
  • If need be, you must be ready to face the visa interview with the visa officer in the embassy. You need to know about all the required information and be confident while answering the questions.
  • The last step left now is to wait for the approval of your application and being awarded the student visa for New Zealand which usually takes three to four weeks.

So, if you have decided to apply for the study visa for New Zealand then you must not waste your time and get in touch with Abroad Gateway which is the best New Zealand study visa consultant in Chandigarh.

How can I get the New Zealand student visa fast?

New Zealand has three types of student visa, one is the Fee Paying Student Visa, the second is the Exchange Student Visa and the third is the Pathway Student Visa.

  • Fee Paying Student Visa: It is the student visa for a full time student who wishes to study in a university or college in New Zealand. This id awarded for 4 years or as per the duration of the course.
  • Exchange Student Visa: This is needed if one is part of an approved exchange program and need to stay more than 3 months to complete your education. It is for 4 years or depending upon the course duration.
  • Pathway Student Visa: It is needed if one needs to complete more than one course back to back in the same university. For this you need to get the offer letter from a Pathway education provider accordingly. If it requires you to change the education provider then that must be mentioned in the offer letter of enrolment. This visa is for 5 years or as per the time needed to complete pathway courses.

If you intend to apply for any one of them and want the process to be as fast as possible then it is most important that you make the necessary documents ready as soon as possible.

  • The initial step is to acquire an offer letter of place depending upon the type of student visa you desire. To expedite this process the applicant must have all the required educational credentials and a valid passport along with the finances to cover the living expenses and education cost. Your New Zealand study visa consultant will be able to tell you the correct formats for all the documents so that you can have them ready for the process beforehand.
  • If you do not have the sufficient funds then you must look at the options to acquire that which could be as simple as applying for a student education loan. A competent New Zealand study visa agent will be able to assist and guide its clients to get the loan from a reliable and authorised financial firm fast.

From all different types of visa for students you can pick the one that fits your situation, the efficient New Zealand study visa consultant in Chandigarh will be able to get it for you as fast as possible.

List of Education Providers in New Zealand

List of Universities:

There are 8 universities in New Zealand

The University of Auckland:The main campus is situated in Auckland and this university has a lot of undergrad and degree programs. It also offers internships and placements in the organizations in New Zealand and abroad.

The Auckland University of Technology: It has three campuses in the Auckland city and it is known as the modern university. It has great programs for the engineering students and offers great opportunities to students to grow.

The University of Canterbury:It is situated in Christchurch and is quite popular among the international students and students of more than hundred countries. It has modern labs and facilities to study and carry out research work.

Lincoln University:It is located in Lincoln Township in Christchurch, the largest city in the South Island. It was the first agricultural college in Southern hemisphere.

Massey University: It is the national university and has campuses in Auckland, Palmerston North and Wellington. It offers great internship and work-placement offers due to great connection with the industries.

The University of Otago:It is the first university of New Zealand. Its main campus is in Dunedin but also has campuses in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, and Invercargill. 

Victoria University of Wellington:It is situated in Wellington and has good government and industrial support for the research programs. It is the number one university in the country for quality research.

The University of Waikato: It is five star university which is known for research portfolio. It is part of the top one percent places ranked for technology. It has its campus in Hamilton and Tauranga, New Zealand, and a joint institute in Hangzhou, China.

TePūkenga – New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology:

It is well reputed for the programs in technological skill development. One gets to learn practically and practice the skills. By studying here the students have more employability.

  1. ABC College of English
  2. Air Hawke’s Bay Ltd
  3. Air New Zealand Aviation Institute
  4. Airways Training Centre
  5. Alpha Educational Institute
  6. Ardmore Flying School
  7. Aspiring Language Institute
  8. Auckland Edinburgh College
  9. Auckland English Academy
  10. Bay of Plenty English Language School
  11. Bridge International College Limited
  12. Canterbury International College
  13. Christchurch College of English Limited
  14. Coromandel Outdoor Language Centre
  15. Dominion English Schools
  16. Duke Institute of Studies Limited
  17. Eagle Flight Training Limited
  18. Eastwest College of Intercultural Studies
  19. EcoQuest Education Foundation
  20. EF International Language Schools Limited
  21. English Advantage
  22. English Teaching College
  23. Freedom Institute of Higher Education
  24. Good Shepherd College – TeHeparaPai
  25. International Aviation Academy of New Zealand Limited
  26. IPU New Zealand
  27. Kaplan International Colleges
  28. Kingston Institute of Business and Technology
  29. Kiwi English Academy Limited
  30. Language Schools New Zealand
  31. Languages International Limited
  32. Media Design SchoolMount Maunganui Language Centre
  33. Nelson Aviation College Limited
  34. Nelson English Centre Ltd
  35. New Horizon College of English
  36. New Zealand College of Business
  37. New Zealand College of Chiropractic
  38. New Zealand Drama School (Toi Whakaari)
  39. New Zealand Languages Centres
  40. New Zealand School of Dance
  41. New Zealand School of Food and Wine Limited
  42. New Zealand School of Tourism
  43. New Zealand Tertiary College
  44. North Shore Language School
  45. NZ School of Acupuncture & TCM
  46. Pacific International Hotel Management School Limited
  47. Premier Institute of Education
  48. Queenstown Resort College
  49. Rotorua English Language Academy
  50. Seafield School of English Limited
  51. Southern Lakes English College
  52. St John’s Theological College
  53. Stellaris PTE Ltd
  54. Taylors College and Embassy CES
  55. TeWananga o Aotearoa (DynaSpeak)
  56. The Campbell Institute – Capital Language Academy
  57. The International Travel College of New Zealand Limited
  58. UCIC
  59. Unique New Zealand
  60. Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design
  61. Worldwide School of English
  62. Yoobee Colleges Limited

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Which is the best New Zealand study visa consultant in Chandigarh?

New Zealand is the land of beautiful landscapes and picturesque views as it is an island country. It is also one of the safest country and has very low crime rate. The environment here is very friendly which makes it quite welcoming for people from various nations to migrate in search of job and employment. Following the trend many Indians also plan to go to New Zealand every year and most of them are from Chandigarh and places around it. If you also wish to study in one of the prestigious universities in New Zealand then it is crucial that you hire the best New Zealand study visa consultant in Chandigarh so that you do not face any challenge in the process. The topmost one must have the following key qualities:

Knowledge of all types of Student Visa: As New Zealand does not have only one type of student visa, the consultant should be aware of all of them and the eligibility criteria for them along with the application process. There are a total of 8 universities and many Private training institutes which offer courses in different fields. The consultant need to know the best ones among them so that they can offer the best one to their clients. For example, if you need to pursue more than one course back to back then you need to apply for the Pathway visa where you need to have the offer letter from the Pathway education provider, it needs to be mentioned on the offer letter as well.

Multi-faceted: The best New Zealand student visa consultant in Chandigarh will be the one which will have multiple services for its clients. If the client needs assistance in making the documents ready in the desired style then they can do that for you or if you require the student loan due to lack of funds then they will be able to guide and help you to get that easily from a trusted organization. That is not all, the can plan your travel and provide orientation on how to handle yourself in a new and unknown place by telling you the Do’s and Don’ts.

These are the important facts about the best New Zealand Study Visa Consultant and in Chandigarh you can find all that in Abroad Gateway which is in sector 42.

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The Types of New Zealand Student Visas

New Zealand is a very small island country in the South-West Pacific Ocean. It is known for Maori culture which they people of New Zealand are very proud of. It offers very conducive environment to everybody for growth and prosperity. This makes many students from various nations willing to go there for further education. New Zealand offers three types of student visa to students and you can choose the one that suits you the most. To know more about them you can contact the best New Zealand study visa consultant in Chandigarh or the one in your city.

Here are the types of Student visa that one can apply for in New Zealand:

Fee Paying Visa: It is the basic and general visa that a student applies for in any of the countries. It is the visa that allows you to study full-time to complete the course. It is usually for four years or as per your course duration. Here you need to pay the full cost of education and get an enrolment offer letter from an approved education provider. The English proficiency test is not needed to apply for this visa but it might be needed by the education provider to offer you the place to study in one of their courses.

Exchange Student Visa: If you are a part of the approved exchange student scheme and need to come to New Zealand to study for more than three months then you need this visa. This visa is awarded for up to 4 years’ time or for the time period of your course. You are allowed to work for 20 hours a week on this visa just like the Fee Paying Student Visa.

Pathway Student Visa: This type of visa is meant for the continuous study in New Zealand doing one course after the other which are a part of a pathway program. For this you are supposed to get the offer of place from a pathway education provider and it needs to be mentioned on your application. These courses must be consecutive and should not be simultaneous. This visa is given generally for five years or it can be for the course’s duration.

Consulting the best New Zealand study visa consultant in Chandigarh will let you choose the best option for you.

What are the eligibility criteria for getting admission in the universities in New Zealand?

The education system in New Zealand is quite simple which involves school education followed by tertiary education is colleges and universities. If you are interested in studying in New Zealand then you need to understand the education system and then the type of student visa (Pathway visa, Fee Paying Student visa or Exchange Student visa) you need for the courses offered. A proficient New Zealand student visa consultant will be of great help in this case.

  • The first thing you need is to obtain the offer of place from an approved education provider which also has some pre-requisites. You need to have the following to be able to apply for the offer of place:
    • All the academic credentials like the study certificates of 10th and 12th standard and any extra-curricular activities’ certificate. You need to have at least
    • Evidence of score of English language skills test like GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS/PTE.
    • A valid passport
    • Job experience certificates if relevant
    • Birth certificate
  • Once you receive the offer of place from your preferred educational institution, you need the below mentioned documents to apply for the student visa:
  • The identity proof and address proof.
  • A police certificate or medical certificate is needed if asked by the authorities and not otherwise, however a medical insurance and travel insurance is a must.
  • Proof of funds is necessary to show the authorities that you will be able to pay the tuition fees and cover the cost of the living including accommodation, utilities, food etc. In case of any scholarships or loan taken for education, the documents related to that will also be needed.

When all of the above is available then only you can apply for the student visa by filling the visa application form and submitting it along with all the required documents. If you consult the best New Zealand study visa consultant then you will be able to apply it smoothly without any issue, so you must contact a visa consultant who deals with it rather than carrying out it on your own.

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New Zealand colleges provide a great combination of a relatively low cost of living and a high quality of education

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