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Best IELTS Coaching Centre in Chandigarh

International English Language Testing System or commonly known as IELTS is the widely approved an accepted proficiency test to check the language level of test takers in English. Every year many Indians plan to explore the better opportunities abroad and take the IELTS test as it is an important eligibility criteria for visa application. To be able to acquire the required score in the test they take coaching for it and maximum of them come to Chandigarh for that which has Best IELTS Institutes in Chandigarh. Abroad Gateway provides the Best IELTS Coaching Centre in Chandigarh and till now have taught it to a large number of people.

Apt beginning: It was founded as an IELTS institute with a strategy in mind to prepare the students for IELTS test by a certified IELTS trainer, this is the reason it is able to deliver the best coaching to its students.

Expert Teachers: The experienced trainers of Abroad Gateway have the expertise in teaching language skills necessary to crack the IELTS exam and have practical approach towards it.

Perfect Curriculum: It has a well organised teaching curriculum for the students who enrol here. They are first given detailed orientation of all the modules – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, so that they understand them well. Post this, they are made to practice all the modules daily implementing the learnings from the orientation so that they improve their band score gradually.

Performance Assessment: Once in a week, the performance of the students is assessed by conducting mock test to check how ready the students are to take the final test.

Booking the test: Abroad Gateway also books the IELTS exam for its students once they are ready as they are the official authorized exam booking center for IDP which is the IELTS test conducting body in India.

How to improve Listening Skills

Listening is supposed to be the most scoring module of IELTS, yet many students find it hard to perform in it. This is because not all of us prefer to listen, we usually love to talk more. There are 4 sections in listening which have a total of 40 questions. You need to listen to the recording played and find the answers to the questions. Here is how you can work on your listening skills:

  • The most important aspect of listening is focus and concentration, therefore when the recording begins, your complete focus must be on that, forgetting everything else. When you are given time to read the questions or check the answers, you need to do that only, do not get distracted at that time by random thoughts.
  • As the speakers are the native users of English from different regions, they have different accents. Thus, it is crucial that you get familiar with various accents like American, British and Australian which are most common. The best way to do that is to listen to various content in these accents like podcast, news etcetera.
  • Read the instructions and questions carefully so that you can pick the correct answer from the recording and write it accurately. For example, if it says NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS, it is clear that you can answer in 1, 2 or 3 words but not 4 or more.
  • Write all the answers in BLOCK letters on your answer sheet after the recording. Do not attempt to do that while listening as it could be distracting. While listening, write answers on the question paper only.

How to improve Reading Skills

Reading in IELTS is similar to the comprehension test that all of us have attempted in school many times. Here you have 40 questions in 3 sections and you need to find their answers in one hour’s time. Let’s see how to approach the Reading test.

  • Time management is pivotal in reading, therefore you must learn to manage your time well. Either you can divide your time between the three sections as 15 min, 20 min and 25 min or you can spend one minute per question. You need to write the answers on the answer sheet simultaneously as you do not get extra time to transfer the answers here like Listening. Also, write the answers in Capital letters just like Listening.
  • Similar to Listening, you must read all the questions and instructions carefully so that you can answer accordingly. If the instructions are to write TRUE or FALSE and you write T/F or YES/NO then your correct answer will be counted as incorrect, so be careful about that.
  • Identify the correct keywords in the question and try to find it in the text focusing on its meaning. As there is a lot of rephrasing and paraphrasing is done, it is mandatory that you focus on the meaning of the context.
  • You do not need to read everything in detail but you must not skip any part of the passage. To be able to do that develop fast reading habit by reading using a timer for practice.
  • Also, while you are skimming the passage, keep marking the proper nouns and times as these are important keywords so that if you need to look for them, you do not waste your time reading everything again.
  • Lastly, never assume anything in reading, you need to find the answers from the information given, so just focus on that. Obviously, you must apply logic and common sense but no assumptions please.

How to improve Speaking Skills

Speaking is an important language skill and is most widely used in the daily life, still people believe that it is really difficult to learn and do not try to improve it. Out of all the four modules of IELTS exam, it is considered as one of the most difficult, however, this is only partially true. Here is how you can have great speaking skills in the English language:

  • Learn the basic grammar which is the foundation of any language. This includes the correct use of the tenses, articles, prepositions, Subject & verb agreement, active & passive voice of talking. Pick a good high school grammar book for this.
  • Once the grammar is sorted, you must work on using that while speaking and speak in English throughout the day, even if it is not completely correct. This makes you comfortable with the language.
  • Stand in front of the mirror and speak on various topics making eye contact with yourself. This helps to build confidence and makes your communication more expressive. Try to record yourself and listen to it afterwards to understand the errors.
  • Use appropriate words and phrases and try to reduce the repetition of words as much as possible.
  • To make speaking more expressive, try to idioms wherever possible. Make sure to use them correctly, if you are not sure of its use then avoid it.

How to improve Writing Skills

Writing is a formal way of communication and is used for academic and official purposes, therefore the writing modules has certain rules and formats that should be followed to score well. Let’s know how you can improve your writing skills:

  • The first step in language learning is to learn the basics of the language which is grammar. Therefore, you must be clear about the tenses and their sentence structures, articles, preposition etcetera.
  • Apart from grammar, you need words to express yourself, which is why it is mandatory that you learn new words and build your vocabulary by reading content on various topics. Learn conjunctions, linking devices and idioms which can make your writing effective and impressive.
  • Learn about the rules of formal writing like not using abbreviations or contractions. Also, know the format to write a task, for instance making four paragraphs is enough to write your Task 1 and 2 in IELTS to have a report of 150 words and an essay of 250 words respectively.
  • Read the question carefully, understand it well and then attempt it. Develop ideas as per the demand of the question and answer the questions completely and accurately.
  • Attempt at least one set of test every day and get it checked by an expert who could tell you the errors and how to work upon them.

How to Choose the Top IELTS Coaching Centre in Chandigarh Sector 42?

IELTS was launched to test the English language usage of the non-native speakers of the language by the British Council and Cambridge English Assessment in 1989. Since then it has been taken by a lot of people for the purpose of moving to English speaking countries for different reasons. A huge number of IELTS aspirants take the coaching to clear this test with the desired band scores every year, especially in Chandigarh which has a lot of places which coach people for that. However, it is vital to choose the Top IELTS Coaching Centre in Chandigarh Sector 42 to get the great coaching, which is why it is essential for you to know how to choose the best. Here is how to choose the best coaching Centre:

  • Check the online reviews of the students on the internet and shortlist top 10 based on that. Make sure to check the feedbacks and testimonials of the old students and clients to know about the level of services delivered.
  • Once that is done, visit the websites of the shortlisted IELTS Institutes in Chandigarh to know more about their methods of teaching, study material provided by them and the batches run by them. As per your schedule, further shortlist the ones that suit your schedule.
  • After that, it is time to contact them either over the phone or personally visiting the location. It gives more clarity about the modes of teaching and curriculum set for the students. Also, you can have a look at the infrastructure if you visit it.
  • Do ask for the demo session if available. The good institute will always provide you with that so that you are able to experience the style of teaching.
  • You must ask for the additional services offered by the institute for further course of action after clearing IELTS because the best ones have the exceptional visa processing team.

Why you should choose Abroad Gateway for the IELTS Preparation?

If you are planning to take the IELTS test to go abroad to study or work, it is necessary that you prepare well for it from the IELTS Institute in Chandigarh. Abroad Gateway ensures the best preparation possible for all its students and are able to achieve that due to the following key qualities:

Experienced Trainers: Abroad Gateway’s teaching team has the English language trainers with more than 10 years’ experience. They have expertise in imparting the English language skills to improve the language level of the students so they could easily score the required bands in the final test.

Enough Practice Material: It is essential to practice all the modules regularly for all the aspirants to excel in the IELTS test, even for the good users of the language because practice makes the man perfect. To have the effective IELTS Coaching in Chandigarh Sector 42, Abroad Gateway provides more than enough practice tests for its students to practice the skills.

Extra Sessions: As all the individuals have their own strengths and weaknesses, the students who need additional coaching in any of the module are given extra coaching sessions to improve the performance in the respective module.

Every Week – Performance Review: No preparation is complete without the review of the performance, hence there is a performance assessment every week which shows the improvement in the English language skill of students so that they can work on the weak areas.

Exam Batch: There is special exam batch for the students who have booked the IELTS exam. In this batch the students undertake the mock tests every day with the support of the teachers, just like they are supposed to do in the final exam. Their test results are shared the same day along with the clarification of the doubts so that they get into the mode of taking the exam and get relieved of their anxiety or exam pressure.

Why we are one of the Best IELTS Institutes in Chandigarh

Providing IELTS coaching is the forte of Abroad Gateway. It has been delivering the exceptional IELTS Coaching Institutes in Chandigarh to its students for passing the IELTS exam with flying Colours. It has a set schedule for the IELTS preparation which is well planned and executed.

Well-designed curriculum: The outstanding success of the institute is due to the structured approach that it has towards teaching IELTS. The curriculum is made with a lot of deliberation considering all the significant aspects of IELTS preparation.

  • Orientation: The IELTS coaching begins with the sessions on each of the four modules of IELTS test namely; Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening. In these sessions students are taught about the format, rules and skills required to get good band score in the final test.
  • Classroom Practice: Once the orientation session is over, the students are transferred to the classroom. In the classroom the following is covered:
  1. Practice the test: Every day, the students are given a fresh set of tests for Reading, Listening and Writing to attempt. There is post discussion and doubt clearing after attempting Reading and Listening. For Writing, there is pre-discussion on the tasks and then the students are expected to attempt them.
  2. Daily Correction: The writing tasks are corrected the same day so that students get the daily feedback on their performance.
  3. Daily Vocabulary: In each classroom session, a set of new words or vocabulary is taught along with its meaning and usage.
  4. Grammar topics: As per the need of the students, the grammar topics are covered, for example; Tenses, Verbs, Prepositions, Articles, Sentence Structure etc.
  5. Idea Generation: The biggest challenge the students face while preparing for IELTS is generating relevant ideas to speak and write. Therefore, there is idea generation sessions where students are taught to develop content on various topics so that they are better prepared for the exam.
  • Cabin Speaking: The speaking practice happens on regular basis where the students are made to experience cabin speaking just like the actual test. The trainer also gives real-time feedback to the students in the cabin personally and tells ways to improve upon them.
  • Mock-Tests: It is important that the students experience the real exam beforehand so that they are better prepared for that. Thus, there is a mock-test conducted on every Saturday. It also helps to gauge the readiness of the aspirant for the final test.
  • Extra Practice: This institute allows the students to practice more if they need, they can take the reading test home as well for extra practice.

The aforementioned plan enables the Best IELTS institute in Chandigarh to ensure great results for all the students studying under the guidance of the competent teachers.

Where is the best IELTS Preparation in Chandigarh Sector 42?

If you have decided to take the plunge into the overseas education or employment and are looking for the best IELTS institute to begin your preparation then you have reached the right place. Whether you are residing in Chandigarh or somewhere else, you can take advantage of the excellent coaching of Abroad Gateway which is the Best IELTS Preparation in Chandigarh Sector 42  as they teach through online as well as offline modes.

Offline Coaching:

  • The classroom teaching is provided at the site of the institute which is in sector 42 of Chandigarh. You get to have the IELTS preparation in Chandigarh with Abroad Gateway as the teachers here are well qualified and experienced to teach the English language skills.
  • The students learn how to attempt each module as per the guidelines set by the exam conducting body along with the necessary skills required to score high like skimming & scanning in Reading module.
  • Every day the students practice to attempt all the modules along with special sessions on vocabulary, content generation, grammar and many others.
  • Speaking practice happens daily in the cabin similar to the final test where feedback and inputs are provided to the students to work on the areas of improvement.
  • There is weekly assessment of the improvement of the students’ skills through the mock test which is conducted on Saturdays.
  • The doubt clarification happens on regular basis for better and fast preparation.
  • There are special sessions to teach task response to the students so that are able to come up with relevant and rational ideas related to the topic given in writing tasks.

Online Coaching:

  • The online mode enables one to learn without visiting the physical location. It is mostly utilised by students who are working professionals and have limited time to invest in IELTS preparation.
  • Similar to the offline coaching, the detailed orientation of the modules is provided to the new students on Saturdays.
  • The students are provided tests every day to practice two modules on alternate basis as there is lack of time. One task of writing along with one more module is covered on daily basis.
  • There is provision of recorded live class session if you miss it due to unavoidable circumstances which is available for 6 months’ time.
  • There is study material available for grammar, vocabulary and other aspects of the English language.

There is option for all the students to have Top IELTS Coaching in Chandigarh with Abroad Gateway, you can decide which mode suits you and commence your learning with AG.

How can I Prepare for IELTS in Chandigarh?

IELTS is an important test to judge the proficiency level of non-native speakers for the sake of migration to English speaking country for studies or work. A certain degree of fluency in the language is a must for a foreign national to be able to communicate well with the locals so that there is no language barrier for them. Thus, scoring the minimum bands set by a nation is must for one to apply for the visa to enter the country.

Chandigarh is one of the cities known for providing best IELTS preparation in Chandigarh, if you are residing in this city you can enrol in the best IELTS institute in Chandigarh and if not, you can make use of the online coaching services.

Here is how you can prepare for IELTS in Chandigarh:

  • Get yourself enrolled into the Best IELTS Coaching Centre in Chandigarh You must research about the top 10 places and then shortlist a few by reviewing their performance through the online feedback available (written & videos).
  • After that contact them for a counselling session with the visa counsellors of selected institutes to know about the schedule, batch timings, material provided and teaching methodology and then arrange for a demo with the few you find suitable for you.
  • Visit the centre for the demo and based on which one you like, get yourself enrolled into the most suited coaching Centre.
  • Be punctual and regular for your classes so that you do not miss out on anything the teacher teaches. Try to have an open mind as that is the must to learn anything, understand what is taught and ask questions to clear your doubts.
  • The best IELTS institutes in Chandigarh conduct mock tests for regular assessment of the students’ performance, never skip that because it is important to know where you stand in terms of your readiness for the exam.
  • Once you start getting the desired bands in the mock tests consistently, discuss with your trainer and get your test booked by the Centre itself because the Best IELTS Coaching in Chandigarh Sector 42 have the authorization by the IDP to do that for you.

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Best IELTS coaching institute in Chandigarh. I got my desired bands overall 7 in first attempt.


I appeared for GT IELTS and got 8777 = CLB 9 in first attempt. All thanks to the teaching of Abroad Gateway


Abroad Gateway is best IETLS institute in Chandigarh with fee which is very nominal.

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Best student visa consultants in Chandigarh and IELTS coaching institute in Chandigarh

Harjot Kaur

I got Bands 6.5 in a month of teaching. Trainers are certified. Thank you shailja ma'am for teaching


I got overall 7 Bands and Canada Student Visa. Abroad Gateway is best IELTS institute


I got IELTS Band 6.5 within 1 month with the help of abroad gateway IELTS Trainers

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One of the best IELTS institute. I got overall 7 band in very first attempt all due to teachers of AG

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

It is the coaching to learn the format and the skills required to clear the IELTS test. Chandigarh has some of the best IELTS coaching centres in the Northern part of India that is why it is highly recommended that you get enrolled in an institute of IELTS in Chandigarh.

The best way to do that is to search online and then get the counselling from the top ones in the list. Try to arrange for a demo of the teaching and then enrol with the most suitable one for you.

The IELTS coaching in Chandigarh can cost you between 5000 to 12000 INR per month depending upon the modules to be learned, study material provided and the quality of the teaching provided.

You just need to choose the best coaching centre for you and then make the payment either in person or online and start with your IELTS preparation.

All the IELTS aspirants can bet the benefit from the IELTS coaching irrespective of the level of proficiency in the English language because you need to learn the formats and the rules of the IELTS test along with the skills required and time management to attempt the test in the given time period.

If you need to prove that you have a good proficiency in English language for the purpose of going abroad then you must take this test as it is the most accepted English language skill test.

IELTS coaching typically involves teaching the basic format of the test and skills needed to attempt and score well in the test. After that the coaching consists of a lot of practice to attempt the test by implementing the skills and following the format.

Definitely! You can join the IELTS institute as a beginner in English as most of the good institutes also teach grammar to the students to improve the language level and usage of the language, although you will need more time to be ready for the test.

Of course! If you join a good institute, follow what the teachers teach and practice hard then you will be able to get good scores.

Yes, nowadays the good IELTS coaching centres provide both the modes of teaching; offline as well as online. The modern technology has made it possible to teach IELTS through online mode.

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IELTS listening is a 40 minutes test based on a recording, comprising 4 parts of questions and each part getting increasingly difficult.  The student must listen and answer the questions simultaneously. For this, the student must:

  • Understand the main idea/ focus of recording in first instance, since the recording is played only once.
  • Practice different types of listening situations (lectures, conversations, chats etc)
  • Read all the questions prior to identify the answers while listening the recording.
  • Be attentive and well prepared to look for keywords.

IELTS Academic Reading:-
The IELTS Academic Reading tests one’s ability to understand by reading a particular piece of information. The IELTS reading comprises 40 questions. The duration of this test is 60 minutes.
The IELTS academic reading consists of 3 sections and 3 passages which consists of equal number of questions in each. IELTS academic reading involves following types of questions:
• MCQ,
• Identifying information,
• Identifying writer’s views,
• Matching information,
• Matching headings,
• Sentence endings,
• Sentence completion
• Flowchart
• Diagram label matching completion
• Short answer questions
Keeping the pattern in mind and practicing will help one to get their desired IELTS reading band. One can improve their IELTS academic reading score by observing and understanding the context in an efficient way.

IELTS General Reading
This test generally consists of 3 sections and 5 paragraphs and has a duration of 60 minutes. The first two may be sub-divided into two parts. These are usually in the form of a newspaper advertisement, a part of a brochure or perhaps information about a restaurant or a product. The questions in these two sections are comparatively easier.
However, the third section is quite similar to an Academic Reading Passage. Due to this, a G.T. Reading is often considered to be easier than an Academic Reading, though it is not always the case. The questions generally include.
• List of headings
• • MCQ
• Identifying information
• • Matching
• Sentence completion
• • Flowcharts and labelling
• Short answer questions.

IELTS Academic Writing:-
IELTS academic writing assesses one’s ability to link ideas in a logical and proper sequence. It also determines the range of one’s vocabulary, sense of making sentence structures, punctuations, and accurate utilization of a wide spectrum of meaningful structures.
The duration of the exam is exactly 60 minutes. It consists of two tasks.
IELTS Writing Task-1
IELTS writing task-1 usually contains a piece of visual information in the form of
1. LINE GRAPH (shows trend)
2. BAR GRAPH (shows comparison)
3. PIE CHART (show contribution or sharing)
4. TABLE (can be used for trend, comparison)
6. In this task, the test taker might analyse the graphs and interpret the data followed by:-
7. Introduction
8. an overview
9. body paragraphs of writing task-1
So, IELTS writing task-1 tests one’s ability to observe and identify the relevant information from visual information and representation of the abstract in a logical manner which needs to be explained in the task.
IELTS Writing Task-2:-
In the IELTS writing task-2, the test taker have to write an essay as response to a statement. The essay must contain 4 paragraphs, to exemplify: –
a. Introduction: – consist of
i. Paraphrasing
ii. Thesis statement
iii. Follow-up
b. Body Paragraph -1
c. Body Paragraph -2
d. Conclusion
In IELTS essay writing, the essay must be a representation of one’s opinions, relevant ideas, and observations in a well-structured manner. IELTS writing basically assesses one’s way of sequencing and arranging the ideas in lucid order.

IELTS General Writing
It assesses one’s ability to arrange ideas into a coherent order and the ability to cover all the essential points and explain them with suitable examples. It consists of 2 tasks and lasts for 60 minutes. Let’s take a closer look at the tasks.
IELTS General Writing Task-1
In IELTS general writing task-1, the person is given a situation, and then they have to respond to that situation in the form of a formal or informal letter provided with examples and explanations of the situation and addressing the solutions regarding it. So, basically, it assesses your ability to observe and the representation of a given situation.
IELTS General Writing Task-2
IELTS general writing task-2 is the same as IELTS Academic writing task-2 and hence assesses the demonstration of ideas in a lucid order supported with the relevant examples.

IELTS Speaking test usually lasts for usually 5 to 10 minutes. The overview of this segment is:

  • Part 1 – Introduction and interview: – The examiner will ask you number of questions about yourself and familiar topics. This is an opportunity to overcome any nervousness and demonstrate your basic fluency.
  • Part 2 – Cue Card /One situation and 3 questions: – You will be given one minute to prepare for your answer and then you will share your view on 3 questions for 2-3 minutes.
  • Part 3 – Follow-up questions or Two way discussion: – You will be asking more abstract questions, broadly linked to the topic introduced in part 2, and you must describe these questions in detail.

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