IELTS Reading- Name Matching Questions

ielts reading Name matching questions

There is a good possibility of encountering these types of questions in the IELTS reading test. The Abroad Gateway categorise these question into the tough category of the IELTS reading exam as it tests one’s ability to interpret the text, which certainly requires utmost attentiveness.

About Name Matching Questions

In IELTS reading name matching questions, one is asked to match someone’s name, probably a researcher, scientist or an expert, with a statement. A list of statements and a list of name is provided in these questions. One has to search for the context of statements in the given text and match the names accordingly.


So here are some steps with the assistance of which you can answer these questions with accuracy.

Step-1: Read the statements

The first and foremost step is to read the statements in the beginning. Statements must be read carefully so as not to miss out on intricate details. Do not waste too much time reading the statements. Getting a general idea of the statement will help to locate the context of the statement in the text.

Step-2: Underline the names

While scanning the text before reading it thoroughly, underline the names. Underlining the names will help one to check which person relates to a particular statement instantly. Moreover, the names can be found quickly because of their first capital letter. The names which appear only once will be the easiest ones and should be done first.

Step-3: Read the text carefully

While reading the text, be careful if the research of finding by a specific person is stated after the name or before the name. Read around the names to locate the information given in the statements. But sometimes, the word given in the statements may not be exact in the text and hence can exist as synonyms. So, one has to read while keeping synonyms in their mind.

Step-4: Match the names

Look at the statements and match the names according to your understanding. When matched the name with a particular statement, tick that statement and move on to next. Repeat the same process for other names too.


  1. Keep in mind that the order of the statement and names will not be identical in the text as given in the list.
  2. The statements are generally paraphrased in the text, so understand the general meaning of the statements to locate the information quickly.
  3. Some names in the text are shortened to their initial or surname. So, one has to underline the names while scanning the text carefully.
  4. If possible, use different colours of pens to underline the names as some names appear more than one time in the text
  5. Do not spend much time on any statement; if stuck, move on to the next one.

So, in this way, you can answer the name matching questions with accuracy. Furthermore, you can modify your current strategy after applying these steps and improve your IELTS score better than anticipated.

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