All about the F1 (Student) visa for USA

United States of America is the dream destination for citizens of many countries as it is regarded as the economically as well as socially progressive country making the stay of foreigners very fruitful and comfortable. This has resulted in the high numbers of visa applicants to USA from almost all the nations in the world and is true for the Indians too. This boost in the number is also because of demand in USA for Indian professionals who are known to be an expert in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

If this is your dream too, then you must contact a good USA Study Visa Consultant, it could be in your own city if it is there or you can contact the best USA Study visa consultants in Chandigarh as they are more efficient. Before you meet them, you must gather some information about the student visa to America which is also called as F1 visa. This visa is needed to study full time in an American college or university along with the privately funded high schools. Not just this, even if you wish to pursue a language course in the USA, you need to have F1 visa which also depends upon the duration of course (it might not be required for a language course under 18 months duration).

Let us now know what all is required from the applicant to be able to apply for the F1 visa:


  1. The student who wants to go to the USA on F1 visa must have the enrollment conformation letter from the educational place where he or she wishes to study. This is needed to get the I-20 form issued from the college or the university. This form cannot be filled or issued by anyone else (It is a numbered form issued to the student by the authorized educational places only). Also, your university or institute needs to be SEVIS registered to be able to issue an I-20 form. SEVIS is basically Student and Exchange Visitor Information System which needs to know details of the international students. A competent USA Study visa consultant will be able to inform you about the registered and authorized educational places so that you get the enrollment letter and I-20 form easily.
  2. The applicant must have enough funds to cover the tuition fees and the living expense to study and live without any hassle in the USA. It is necessary to show the proof of the funds with the application form so that the visa officer is convinced that you have required amount to be able to pursue your course and survive on your own in America.
  3. Any country that allows foreigners to study in their country needs to know it very clearly that the student will return to his or her home country after completion of the course. This is needed to control the population and the burden on the government to take care of the people living there. Therefore it is necessary that you show the proof of permanent residence in your home country and other information that confirms your intentions to return to your country clearly.
  4. The applicants can submit the visa application with all the documents anytime within 365 days of course start date and once visa is received you can enter USA 30 days prior to the course start date but not before that.
  5. You will be asked to reach the US consulate to face the personal interview with the visa officer.
  6. The visa application fee is paid online to apply for the F1 visa, you do not have to pay it to anyone throughany other mode. The reference number of this payment must be given to the US consulate.
  7. Post the interview, you are told whether the application is approved or not. Your Passport is kept and the same is sent to you through courier. There is a provision to pick it up from the US consulate as well after some time.

It seems quite easy to apply for and get the American visa but it is easier said than done because it is extremely important to get the complete paperwork right  to get the admission letter from the university and then to apply for the visa. Also, convincing the authorities that your intentions are genuine and true to the purpose written is a must have. Thus, hiring the best USA study visa consultant in Chandigarh is highly recommended to get it well within time to be able to plan the travel properly to join the session on time.

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