What are the Languages used in Canada?

Canada is culturally diverse country which is very welcoming for people of various cultural backgrounds. Therefore it is the most sought after country by the citizens of many nations and many Canada study visa consultants apply for Canadian visa for their clients every year.

It is important for any individual to know the local language of a place where they plan to stay and that is the basis of keeping the proficiency tests a mandate to apply for the visa such as IELTS or PTE. If you are living in a place and do not know the native language too well then you will surely face issues while carrying out day to day activities like shopping for groceries, taking instructions at work from the supervisor or understanding the lecture of the teacher in the class. Also, the incorrect use of the language could give rise to unnecessary conflicts with the local people making the stay very uncomfortable. To avoid such situations, it is imperative that you know the local language well enough to use it decently.

Canada is truly a multicultural country where the population of the indigenous people is less as compared to the immigrants, that is the reason they use more than one language for various purposes. This has reduced the language barrier to a great extent for people of many countries.

Languages used in Canada:

English: English is the global language and is spoken internationally for various purposes. British have spread this language throughout the world at the time of their reign. Significant people in the old times learnt English as it was needed for trade and education which was possible only through English. This is how it emerged as one common language spoken by highest number of countries in the world and is still enjoying that satatus. English is the most spoken language in all the territories and provinces in Canada except Quebec and Nunavut. Around 85 percent of Canadians speak English but in Quebec only nearly 35% of them can speak the same. It is the first official language of Canada and that is the reason behind testing the English proficiency of the immigrants who apply to come to Canada.

French: French is considered as the language of love in the whole world and it is the second official language of Canada but the first one in the province of Quebec. It is spoken by around 56% of the people. It is the primary language in Quebec and is used extensively at work places and as the medium of education here. There are less places which teach in English medium here. Knowing French increases the opportunities to work and study as many companies prefer French speaking employees, especially in Quebec and Atlantic provinces. If you wish to have permanent residency in Quebec, you need to have French proficiency of level 7 at least.

Punjabi: It is the language spoken in the state of Punjab in India as well as Pakistan. Owing to the presence of people from Punjab in Canada, Punjabi language has gained a lot of respect and value. Apart from the two official languages English and French, Punjabi is used extensively there and is considered the 3rdmost spoken language in Canada. It is also the 3rd official language in the Canadian Parliament due to Punjabi speaking people elected into the House of Commons. Knowing this language helps Indians feel at home and get adjusted easily and in no time in Canada. Therefore it is the most loved country by them to study or work.

Chinese: Cantonese and Mandarin are the two Chinese languages spoken in Canada. At present Mandarin is the 4thmost spoken language in Canada and mostly spoken in Toronto and Vancouver because a lot of people from China live there. In these two places it is the second most spoken language after English. There are Cantonese speaking people as well but Mandarin has gained popularity in past few years. If you know these languages well then it is very useful at places where these are spoken to get jobs and know the local culture.

Knowing these languages will bring more benefits for anyone who wishes to live comfortably in Canada, you can choose the ones you find better for yourself depending upon the place you want to stay.

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