Working in Germany

Germany is one of the European countries which has very strong economy and is known for automobile industry in the world, it is the largest manufacturer of automobiles. It has a history of innovations in all the fields, especially technology. Many youngsters prefer to explore the employment options in Germany so that they can have well paid jobs and they enjoy the work life too.

Let us look at the reasons why it is the first choice of many young professionals:

  • Low level of corruption: Germany is the first choice of many aspirants to work and live because it is a well-run country due to which the corruption is at a very low level. The residents do not face challenges related to corruption and are treated fairly.
  • Demand for highly skilled workforce: As the industrial development is high, there is huge demand for people with skills which has resulted in low unemployment rate. There are ample of opportunities for locals as well as foreigners to get employed in various sectors in Germany.
  • Strong Economy: It is known for having a very strong economy leading to great salary packages for the deserving person. Even as a fresher, one gets really good salary making it a preferred place to work. Also, a strong economy works as a catalyst for the innovation and progress in all the sectors making residents’ lives much easier and comfortable.
  • Quality of Life: Germany has great quality of life due to good income, great healthcare and better administration. This is one of the reasons why people from various countries choose it as their place of work.

Following are the popular jobs in Germany:

IT jobs: The IT sector of Germany is highly progressive, there are great advancements in this sector owing to the demand from various fields due to the trend of automation and Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, there is always demand for highly qualified and skilled IT professionals in Germany. Also, they get paid handsome salary packages too.

Engineering: Various types of engineering jobs are available for people in Germany like automotive, chemical, electrical, electronic, mechanical etc. Because of the diverse industries, there are employment opportunities for various types of engineers.

Nursing & Healthcare: Healthcare in Germany is the main focus of the government as it is directly related to the well-being of the citizens. There is huge demand for medical professionals in each capacity, be it a doctor, nursing staff or care givers to ensure strong and effective medical care at all times.

Finance & Accounting: Accounting and finance is the field which caters to the finance related needs of all the sectors and that is why is extremely important for the management and growth. Hence, there is a lot of scope in this field for employment in various profiles.

Architecture & Civil Engineering: Development of infrastructure is the backbone of any nation’s overall development. As Germany is fast growing nation, it requires skilled architects and civil engineers to facilitate this growth making it another sector providing numerous employment opportunities to the local as well as international professionals.

Sales & Marketing: Production of the goods is of no use if it cannot be sold efficiently, thus the industries have the need for people with sales and marketing skills so that their products and services can be sold and profits can be earned out of them. Due to this there is umpteen number of jobs in this sector and qualified people are required to fill those positions.

Language related jobs: German is the primary language of Germany but there are other languages as well that are used like English and few others. If one wishes to live in Germany it is important to know German and English, therefore there are many jobs related to languages such as teachers, translators and interpreters. Due to the presence of many foreign nationals in Germany, these jobs are available in good numbers, although you do need a license to teach a language there.

In the end, it is advised that you explore the options in detail to find out the best field as per your interest and ambition. If you decide to immigrate to Germany, to help yourself, you ought to consult with a professional consultant who can guide you better to make the perfect choice.

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