Comprehensive Guide to hire the Best Visa Consultancy Services in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is the capital of two states of India namely; Punjab and Haryana and is also the first planned city of independent India. This city is important because it serves as the center for many important things like trade, art & culture, education etc. for not only these two states but also for the neighboring state Himachal Pradesh. Apart from that, it is the hub of many immigration firms which offer services related to immigration, be it for any purpose. Every year students and professionals visit these firms to fulfill their dream of going abroad which is the right thing to do, however, it becomes a big challenge for them to choose the one which is honest, reliable and efficient. To locate the one that is most suitable you need to put some efforts, let’s see what you are required to do:

Google Search: To start with the research, you should take the help of your favorite search engine which will give you the list of top 10-15 Visa Consultants in Chandigarh based upon the ratings given by the clients who have availed their services. You must read all the recent reviews for the top ten or fifteen of them to shortlist the top 5-6.

Check Testimonials: Now you have a shorter list and it is easy to focus on these chosen ones for further investigation. You should now open the social media accounts of them like Instagram or facebook to view the client testimonials, see the pictures and check the recent activities. These help you understand the environment of the place and the latest client experiences.

Explore the Website: Along with the Instagram or Facebook, explore their official website in depth. You ought to check if they are authorized to provide consultation or not. Apart from that, it is of great benefit if you are aware of all the services they offer so that you can hire the one that will give you maximum services. The website also gives you the physical address of the office which you can verify to ensure whether it is a genuine firm or not.

Fix appointment: Once you have all that information, you should pick up the phone and call on the official number to fix an appointment to pay a visit to the office. They might ask you some basic details so that they can also do a little research for you, so do not hesitate to give that. For better outcome it is essential that even you prepare yourself for the counselling session. You need to know the important questions that should be answered by them. A consultancy which hesitates to call you to their office is not the trustworthy one if there is no solid reason for that.

Consultation Charges: Fee for consultation is an important aspect here and must not be neglected. You should ask about the charges for counselling as well as the processing fee once they begin with the process. A break-up of the amount is always better. A genuine visa consultant in Chandigarh will not charge you for counselling but they will take the fee for the process once they start with it which is justified.

Visit the office: When you visit the office, keep your schedule flexible as these sessions might go long which is a good thing as you get to know a lot about the whole process. Ask as many questions as you have and also be open to the options they are putting forward. Remember, this is the first counselling and based upon the interaction with you at present, they will come up with the best options in the second counselling. However, do keep the eyes and ears open for any kind of hesitation while giving answers. An honest and transparent Visa Consultant in Chandigarh will be very transparent and truthful while answering your questions.

Following the above method will take you to the right candidate that you need to hire as your guide in the immigration process. This choice is vital for the whole process and the positive result of the efforts you have made to reach your destination because the world is full of fraud and fake immigration agents whose aim is to cheat people to ruin their future prospects and life.

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