What are the Key Services being offered by Abroad Gateway Team?

If you have reached this page, it means you have completed half of the research to locate the Best immigration consultants in Chandigarh and the rest of the work will be done once you go through the information below:

Free Counselling: The Abroad Gateway offers free counselling to all the clients who approach them for visa processing. Here is what you get in the free counselling sessions:

  • Assessment of the client’s Profile: The visa counsellors first analyse the client’s profile and learn about their preferences so that they can provide best solution and options to them. In case of a student it is vital to know about the field of interest and the scores acquired in the latest qualifications to bring the available options on the table. Only the best immigration consultants will be able to do that. For instance, you have not been able to score well in the exam due to any unavoidable circumstances then they will be able to let you know about the universities which will still be welcoming you as a student like colleges and universities in Winnipeg, Canada.
  • Detail about the paperwork required: Having the correct paperwork or documents ready is the pre-requisite for applying for the student visa, therefore the counsellor at Abroad Gateway will explain you well the list of documents required and the purpose of asking that as well so that you know this beforehand and do the needful to make them available in the correct format.
  • Explanation of the visa application process: Also, once everything is ready, the visa application form has to be submitted along with the required paperwork. Your counsellor will tell you that as well in the counselling sessions so that you have complete clarity about each step involved.

English Language Coaching: Everyone knows that some or the other type of English language test is usually necessary in most of the cases and they try their best to prepare for that. Abroad Gateway has best English language trainers who are efficient in preparing you for these exams so that you get the desired scores. They have offline as well as online training programs which you can choose as per your convenience and preference. The moment you have the required scores, you can commence with the visa application process.

Processing of the application: The procedure for applying for a visa varies depending upon the type of visa and the country for which you need that. The visa team of Abroad Gateway deals in all types of visa:

  • Student Visa: It is required when you plan to go to a foreign land to study, it could be at any level of education.
  • PR Visa: This is called the Permanent Residency visa which is meant for a person who wishes to work legally in another nation for indefinite period of time. Usually people try to shift along with their family in such case.
  • Spouse Visa: This visa is needed if you want to accompany or join your spouse who is either studying or working abroad. You get the open work permit here and could work in any kind of employment in a foreign country.
  • Tourist Visa: Tourism is the very significant reason for people to go overseas to explore new places around the world. A large number of people plan to go to different nations throughout the year as a tourist and they need to apply for the tourist visa to be able to do that.
  • Visitor Visa: When you want to visit any friend, relative or family member who lives abroad then you need to get the visitor visa. People believe it is same as tourist visa but it is quite different and only the Best Visa Consultants in Chandigarh will be able to tell you the difference as the procedure and policies are different for both.

Extra Support needed: It is rightly believed by many that the immigration process is too complicated to comprehend.  This is because there is much to be done before one starts the processing. Your own visa agent in Chandigarh, Abroad Gateway know is very well and therefore extends its hand for those preparations too. Let us see what they can do apart from visa processing for you:

  • Loan Processing: They can assist you to apply for the loan if needed for going abroad
  • Scholarship: They do arrange for the scholarship for the bright students who do not have sufficient money to study abroad.
  • Ticketing: If you are hesitant and not confident to book the flight tickets yourself then they can do that as well for you
  • Forex: You need foreign currency in abroad for your expenses and the team Abroad Gateway can help you with that too so that you do not have to struggle due to this once you are there.

All in all, you get so much if you choose to be the client of Abroad Gateway which is truly the Top immigration consultant in Chandigarh.

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